What Is A Residual Income Affiliate Program?

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What is a residual income affiliate program? In my opinion, it has two common definitions. In essence, it is the process of earning a residual income through affiliate marketing. This means you can make money as the creator of an affiliate program, or by working as an independent affiliate promoting other people’s programs. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. I’ll cover both methods in more detail below. 🙂

Residual Income Affiliate Program

Residual Income Affiliate Program

Creating Your Own Affiliate Products

First and foremost, the best type of residual income affiliate program is the program that you create yourself. For instance, let’s suppose you write an eBook and decide to sell it online. Rather than trying to sell the eBook by yourself, you decide to convert it into an affiliate program. That means you decide to let other people sell the eBook for you, in exchange for a portion of the profits. 🙂

Affiliate ProductsYou set up your eBook on a website like ClickBank where people can find your product. If people decide to sell your eBook, they get their own unique URL that tracks their sales. When they make a sale through their affiliate link, they earn a commission. Based upon how your affiliate program is set up, you pay them for the sale, or the affiliate company does. It’s really that simple. 😀

The major benefit of creating your own affiliate program is the passive income. There’s nothing better than having an Army of affiliates market and sell your eBook for you. This means you can earn passive income 24 hours per day, even while you sleep. Best of all, you only pay people when they make a sale. 😛

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As great as this sounds, it’s definitely not easy to do. Obviously, you need a quality product at a reasonable price. And there must be sufficient demand for the product. You key to success is to find a “hungry” audience first and then create products that they will buy. And you must find ways to effectively market your product.

Speaking from personal experience, this method does work. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a time to develop a product, launch the product and find affiliates to help you sell it. And there is no guarantee the product will sell, or that you will earn a substantial income from your product sales. 🙂

Selling Other People’s Affiliate Products

The other type of residual income affiliate program refers to the process of selling other people’s affiliate products. With this method, you search the internet for affiliate programs that you want to promote and then start advertising and promoting your affiliate link. You can place the link on your blog, market it to an email Leads list, or send paid advertising to your affiliate link. 🙂

Keys to Success

Your key to success is to send lots of qualified traffic to your unique affiliate link. A real small portion of your visitors might purchase the product (probably less than 1%). When this happens you earn a commission. It’s really that simple. I promote several affiliate programs on my websites and earn a small, but decent residual income from my sales. 😀

Final Thoughts For residual income affiliate program

In conclusion, a residual income affiliate program is the process of earning residual income through affiliate marketing, either as a program developer or as an individual affiliate. Both methods have pros and cons, but the secret of success is to develop and promote quality products that people want. Once you find a great product, you must work the numbers. Don’t expect overnight success. But with a little patience, effort, money, and a good marketing strategy, you can earn a nice residual income.  Thank’s For Reading My Article 🙂

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