Proven SEO Tips Will Revolutionize Your Online Business in 2022

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SEO Tips: You heard it here first – Search Engine Optimization is not nearly as difficult as you think it is.  And if you do it with the right mindset (to be discussed later), it gets even easier.

So why aren’t you on the first page of Google now?

This simple seo tips

I can’t tell you for certain without looking at your website, but this is what most SEOs are doing:

  • Keyword research
  • META title/description optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Technical SEO (removing broken links, duplicate content etc…)
  • Writing lots of content
  • Building links

These SEO tips, actions are all well and good, and they will help you climb up the search rankings.

But if you forget these simple SEO tips, once you get to page one, and as you crawl up page one, your sales won’t be nearly as good as they could be.

After reading SEO tips, you will make sales because of the increased exposure, but you’re leaving a ton of money on the table if you don’t follow this one, simple SEO tips.

One Of Simple SEO Tips To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level:

“Focus on Providing the Best Value, Not SEO”

Yeah, you have to optimize to get found, but once you’re found, you have to explain why you are the best solution to the searcher’s problem.

And most websites don’t do this!

If you’re looking for a local business, what do you see most of the time?  They all basically sound the same, right?

“Welcome to Smith Business Solutions.  With more than 18 years of experience, we are a leading provider of accounting services to companies throughout Chicago, etc.”

You could change the business name, modify the years of experience, and it would basically read the same for any business.

The blog might have one article per month or so.  Social media channels promote the business’s products and services, and that’s it.  The updates are infrequent at best.

Is any business that does digital marketing like that really focusing on being the best solution in their niche?

They might be the best in the offline world, but online, they blend in perfectly with all other businesses.

How to be the Best Solution in Your Niche:

In the digital world, there’s tons of competition to be the best company in a niche.  If you’re talking about copywriting, Copyblogger has a stranglehold on the market.  Your chances of becoming the digital leader in copywriting are slim to none.

Note SEO tips: But in the real world, especially with businesses who don’t understand digital marketing, it’s much easier to be the best online solution.

How do you deliver unmatched value?  Here’s a basic process in SEO tips:

  • Hire a professional to do your website copy – Copywriters, professionals whose job it is to sell Article+Writingwith words, help your business make more money by giving you a unique online personality.  In addition, they know how to highlight your benefits so readers instantly understand what’s in it for them.  Then, they help you develop a compelling offer that gets customers to click and order or call. (Highly recommended of SEO tips)

This reads much differently than the generic copy you find on most websites.

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  • Create the best blog in your niche – Most blog articles are written by non-professional writers have boring titles like “Fixing Your Toilet.”  The content is awkwardly worded or formatted.  The article is short – less than 500 words.  It blends right in with the other billion blog articles on the web. (Highly recommended of SEO tips)

Instead, blog directly around what your customers need to know to hire you to do the job.  If you do accounting, tell them how to itemize their tax deductions in-depth.  Take 1,500 – 2,000 words to describe the process.  Long blogs do get read if they have something interesting and useful to say.

  • Stay active on social media and focus on useful/interesting posts – If you run an accounting company, remind people about credits and tax due dates.  Tell the self-employed it’s time to pay their quarterly estimated taxes.

Give them instructions for doing so.  Make sure 80% of your posts offer value while 20% describe your company so people can build a connection.  Add some call-to-action posts into so that people come to your website or take advantage of special offers.

  • Give your customers newsletter reminders – This is best of our SEO tips. Don’t count on them to BlogRankSEO-newslateralways come to your social media or blog posts.  Be proactive instead and shoot them a newsletter reminding them of something important to do like these SEO tips.

If you’re a plumber and it’s going to be winter soon, tell your customers how to prepare their home to minimize energy bills.


Can you remember the last plumber who did something like that or an accounting firm who did the same?



SEO is a Frame of Mind, not a Technique:

So, the point of this whole article on SEO tips is that good technical SEO helps you get found, but providing value is what gets your business.  And if you provide one of the best sources of value in your niche, you get free SEO from people who like to link to your website because it’s such a great resource.

According to Google’s CEO SEO tips, “He had said repeatedly and publicly Google wants to rank websites highly that provide exceptional value to searchers”.

And if you think about it, Google has to do that because its goal is to make profits.  And it does that by providing the search results people want to find better than any other search engine out there, right?

So if you focus your Search Engine Optimization on making your website the best of its kind using these SEO tips, you’re going to please Google too. Read again these SEO tips if you don’t get how do all this?

And, your efforts will keep you in Google’s (and your customers) good graces for the long-term if you do that.

What do you think?  Will this be the best approach to SEO in the long run?  Let me know in the comments below.

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