Stick to Offices and Meeting Rooms Coffee Shops Bad for Business

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Having a serviced office is better than working in a coffee shop!

Traveling abroad but still setting up your office in a local coffee shop? For your next trip try a serviced offices….

Why Business Need Serviced Offices?


Ditch The Coffee Shop!

Serial entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, contractors do it all the time.

Following the pattern that’s entrenched at home, when they head out of town for days of meetings with clients or to work on-site resolving problems, the local library or the coffee shop down the street from the hotel becomes their temporary office space.


Even professionals who work for large corporations find this an easier way to get things done than working from their hotel room or the hotel’s business suite.

serviced offices not coffee shop

But there are options, whether you are an individual corporate executive working out-of-town or in an international venue. Serviced offices or executives suites fill the gap that coffee shops and library tables can’t come close to.


Compared to set lease contracts that lock you into multiple years, serviced offices guarantee you a business base for just a few months at a time. — Limit Financial Risks with a Serviced Office aka Executive Suite

5 Types of Business That Need Serviced Offices:

Find a Serviced Office in town Center Kwun Tong Hong Kong
Find a Serviced Office in town Center Kwun Tong Hong Kong

Almost all kinds of business operations are compatible with setting up the office in an executive suite or serviced office scenario no matter where you are in the world.

For this scenario, let’s say you’re scheduled to do business in Asia — Hong Kong to be exact…

Without fail, fully equipped business centers can be found in some amazing locations. You’re looking for a serviced office in Kwun Tong, the beautiful region in the photo above.

Regardless of the type of operation and location, here are some ideas to consider.

1- New Business:

Whether you are setting up an entirely new business of your own or organizing new branches in other areas, alternative offices like shared office space is a good place to start.


First, you get to have an office instantly within the central business district area of a specific place where you can conduct a business.

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Second, you are not exposed to hard pressing problems such as construction, renovation, taxes, maintenance, and furnishing or equipping a new office.

2- Home Based Business:

Working from home can be very convenient and while it is a very cost effective solution to operate in the comfort of your own home, there are situations where you need to have a formal office of your own.

But, due to cash constraints, the nature of business, and hours of use setting one up is not feasible…

With a serviced office, you can rent meeting rooms, hire temporary personal assistants, lease a mailbox, and other office equipment as you need it.

3- Mobile Business:

If you are one of those traveling from one place to another to peddle products or services, a virtual office might come in handy for you.

You get to have a prestigious address, online staff to attend inquiries, organize administrative work for you, arrange meetings, and conduct presentation when needed.

Serviced offices are really helpful when the business requires a lot of traveling and for those always on the go.

4- Project-Based Business:

As outsourcing has become more popular and acceptable within the business community, project-based companies are sprouting up everywhere willing to help corporations by doing those tasks that can be outsourced easily.


For those temporary circumstances, serviced offices give contractors a fully equipped professional base of operations.

5- Professional Service Consultants:

Are you a professional who needs office solutions to contact, connect, meet, and present ideas to their business partners, clients, customers, and other stakeholders?

With serviced offices, professionals can set up an office in an appropriate business venue for the duration of their activities and shut them down without any hassles.

You Might Need A Serviced Office, If … Video

This humorous take on the lengths people go to to have some semblance of an office space will bring a smile to your face (and maybe remind you of one of those times you wished you had a real temporary office for the short-term).

As noted before, “much of a headache is taken out of the equation when you select an executive suite for your new office, taking advantage of serviced office offerings” whether in Kwun Tong, another Hong Kong locality or in some other venue around the world.

With a full complement of services available, there is always one for every type of business that is looking for temporary office space.

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He is a regular contributor to various sites and blogs specializing in startup businesses, business traveling and working environment solutions for self-employed business owners.

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