What is Shared Web Hosting? [Free Bluehost Coupon Code]

What is Shared Web hosting?

Shared Web hosting is a type of Web hosting in which a single web server serves pages for hundreds or even thousands of websites, each with its own domain name.

It’s the best option for individual and small and medium businesses with limited traffic and resources.


Usually, shared web hosting is not good for Websites with high traffic (some shared hosting server of top companies like Bluehost can be enough for a site with more traffic).


Websites with a high load of visitor must need a dedicated Web server, either provided by a Web hosting service like Bluehost or maintained in-house.

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There are hundreds of companies offering shared web hosting with options such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and even free domain hosting.

⇒ Today many companies and small business owner prefer shared web hosting as it is available at affordable rates.

⇒ Definitely, shared hosting is a reliable solution that can save you money and time.

⇒ Aside from being cheap, it offers tons of features such as MySQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc. you can easily create blogs, websites, chat rooms, and forums using a single account.

⇒ Aside from being the least expensive, it is one of the most popular hosting plans in the world.

Yes, it is true…!

You’re not Responsible for Problems in Shared Web Hosting!

♥ The biggest benefit of shared web hosting is that you are not responsible for server security, maintenance, updates and other aspects of the service.

The website content can be manually uploaded using FTP (file transfer protocol). Although web resources are shared, but still webmasters can easily manage their site using CPanel and other tools offered by the shared web hosting company.

⇒ You can remove web pages, upload new files, check web statistics, add database and so on. You can also create a number of domain-specific email accounts.

The range of services offered by the web hosting companies vary, but most of the plans feature domain registration, parking, control panel, cgi-bin directories, web design, automatic data backup, and programming service are same.

Main point:

→ Web hosts offer more disk space and emails accounts than businesses and people need.

In shared web hosting, there is no need for you to have a technical staff to maintain your server website…  Your web hosting company takes care of all these aspects of your hosting plan.

Some companies even offer managed server maintenance without any additional cost. All web hosting plans come with easy-to-use CPanel. This interface allows users to add content to their website, install widgets, plugins and manage their email accounts.

Some companies even offer managed server maintenance without any additional cost like Bluehost.

All web hosting plans come with easy-to-use CPanel…

This interface allows users to add content to their website, install widgets, plugins and manage their email accounts.
Features to look for in a shared web hosting plan:

Most of the web hosting companies offer shared hosting plans at competitive rates to encourage users to try out things and upgrade to a better service (VPS, and dedicated web hosting) in future. However, you should do your research and find a good hosting company that has a long list of satisfied customers.

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You can also check review websites to see how other people feel after using the hosting services of a few companies. Although web hosting companies guarantee 99 percent uptime, but sometimes servers can become unstable for a while. Therefore, excellent customer support is a must.

You should look for the following in a web hosting company:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Easy installation of scripts
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Reputable brand

With some research, you can easily find a good web hosting company that not only offers attractive shared web hosting plans but also, offers a rock-solid support to its customers.

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