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Six Choices on Who Does Your SEO – Google Video Hire an SEO Consultant

Once the decision is made to outsource your search engine optimization, the next move is to decide on who does it. Here are six of the choices you’re likely to come across:


1- The whiz kid:

There is always someone in your life who knows “someone” or “has a guy”. While their intentions are most likely honorable, the suggestion to hire their son who is home for summer and can do amazing things with a computer isn’t going to do you any favors.

Taking on an “intern” who may or may not be familiar with search engine optimization may save you some money but will be about all the good that comes from it.

2- The moonlighter:

Like the whiz kid referral, people start coming out of the woodwork as soon as you start talking about designing a site or hiring an SEO company

The moonlighter usually has a job that takes up most of the work day already but has some experience in doing what you need to get done. More often than not, the moonlighter will be a friend or someone in your social circle and with that comes a degree of trust but there’s also the risk that the relationship becomes a problem if things don’t go to plan!

Maybe the question to ask is, “If this person can deliver the SEO results I need, why isn’t search engine optimization this person’s day job?”

3- Two guys and a dog in their garage:

The first sign that your prospective SEO Company is structured along these lines is that your meetings are held at Starbucks which, hopefully, is big enough that you don’t have to sit next to the frappuccino machine.

There can be a lot of talent in these types of companies and many of them can run successful SEO campaigns. It’s all good unless a bigger fish arrives at their doorstep. With a finite amount of hours in the day and a couple people to work them, making time for a bigger project could cut into the time they’re able to spend on your website.

The other possibility is that your site gets outsourced with all the risks that go along with that option.

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4- Guys in black hats:

Black hat SEO will not only cost you money, it could cost you your online business. Reminiscent of the old “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” commercials replace the words Mother Nature with Google and wait for the lightning to strike your website if your SEO Company is using practices that the search engines don’t agree with.

Keep in mind,

Not getting results is one thing, but getting your site blacklisted will be a much bigger problem.

5- Big promises, low cost, no results:

These sorts SEO companies tend to make use of words like “guarantee”, “first page”, and “SEO secrets unknown to anyone else”. Whether they are guys in black hats or just guys trying to separate you from your money, run away fast and far if you hear those words in the sales pitch.

The low-cost part doesn’t work either…

With the time and labor required for successful SEO campaigns, the only way this kind of company can make money is simply by doing nothing or something close to it.

6- Companies that deliver:

Successful search engine optimization requires time and labor, both of which require money…

There is no way around it and reputable SEO companies won’t hesitate to tell you that. Optimizing for competitive industries and associated keywords can take hundreds of hours just to get things moving. Nonetheless, the return on the investment made for successful search engine optimization is much greater than any other form of advertising, bringing with it branding, awareness, and consumers looking to buy what you have to offer.

It’s human nature to look for shortcuts and the best deal out there…

In hiring the right SEO Company, taking shortcuts is counterproductive and the best deal is likely to be much more expensive than others on the table. It’s said all the time, and it couldn’t be truer than in search engine optimization, “You get what you pay for”

Google releases a new video on how to hire an SEO consultant:

If you are thinking about hiring an SEO consultant then watch this short video clip via Google’s Maile Ohye on what important queries to ask and what to look for throughout that SEO consultant hiring process.

Yes, Google recently has attached the latest video clip to their do you need an SEO help document page. This is a short video which walks you through the entire process of hiring an SEO consultant or SEO firm.

Maile Ohye from Google is the face of the video, and she does a very excellent job clearly marking the most important points one should look at through this process. In this video you will observe outlined the SEO hiring process in these three steps:

  • Conduct a two-way interview with your potential SEO. Check that they seem genuinely interested in you and your business.
  • Check their references.
  • Ask for a technical and search audit.

Here is the video:

Check your domain ranking

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  1. Mandy Allen

    Very informative, I’ve never been too bothered with SEO but I can see why companies want to rank well. Indeed it has given me some ideas for my offline business website, thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Sue Bride

    Thank you Sy. I will keep this in mind for the future and won’t go for a really cheap option.

    The problem is when you aren’t earning enough to pay for professional SEO services you probably need it the most, but can’t afford it.

  3. Chery Schmidt

    Hello Sy! As Mandy has stated I also have not really bothered to much with SEO but you did an amazing job here sharing with us some great choices.

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

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      Thank you so much for stopping here… please share this information with your friends too.
      And,,,, Keep tuned…

  4. hazel kumar

    Hay, I am very new to this field of digital marketing.
    Do you have any specific people or resource list to which I could refer so that I may get my work done in cheap and in good quality.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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