Top 7 Small Business Online Marketing Tips in 2022

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

What are the best small business online marketing secrets? Let me start by telling you that all businesses need some type of online marketing plan. This is your written strategy on what activities you will do get noticed online. Although there are many different strategies that work, I’m going to provide some of my secrets below.

I’m not sure where you are at in your business, so if you are already doing some of these things, that’s great. Just apply the other marketing strategies in your business and watch your business growth. Let’s get started.

My Top 7 Small Business Online Marketing Tips

Top 7 Small Business Online Marketing Tips

1. Facebook Fan Page: Every Network Marketing Business on Facebook needs a Facebook Fan Page. Since most of your customers (and potential customers) visit Facebook on a regular basis, you need to get access to those people. The best way to do that is to create your own Facebook Fan Page. Once you have a Fan Page, you should add the custom box to your website, so people can “like” you. And you should post content to your Fan Page often, preferably a couple times each week.

Facebook Fan Page

2. Twitter Account: Twitter is another great online marketing strategy. You can synchronize your Twitter and Facebook accounts so when Facebook gets updated, it automatically sends out a Tweet. You can also send out tweets about sales, offers, special promotions, etc. Once again, you can add your “Twitter box” to your website, so you can build a following.

Twitter Account

3. Blog: If your company doesn’t have a blog, you should get one immediately. A blog is similar to an online journal or diary. It allows you to create content and then have your followers and customers leave comments. In essence, this builds a community. You should update your blog at least a couple times each week. The best thing to write about is “how to” information or entertaining SEO Optimized article. For example, if you sell tools, you could blog about how to pick the right tool for a specific job.

Blog Rank SEO


4. Email Leads List: I say it time and time again, but the Make money is on the list. You need to add an opt-in form to your website and blog to capture visitors’ contact information. This includes their name and email at a minimum. When customers visit your store, you need to make sure your employees are asking them to join your mailing list. Your list will be your single greatest asset in your business. Don’t neglect this small business online marketing strategy.

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5. Newsletter: I highly recommend you send out a weekly newsletter to your email list. You can send out offers and specials. This lets you keep in touch with your visitors often, so they don’t forget about you. In the bottom of each email, you can redirect people back to your blog or website. Other than building a list, this is your best marketing strategy!


6. Build a Community: One of the reasons Facebook has experienced such tremendous success is because it is an online community. You need to build your own community for your home based business, too. You can do that through your Facebook Fan page, your blog, your newsletter, etc. Whenever possible, get input from your customers. Answer their questions. Provide value. For example, the purpose of this website is to be an online community for network marketing to hang out and ask questions. People can hang out here and ask questions, get Answer to their problems and get some inspiration. You want the same thing with your business.

Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed under the field of community development. Source Wikipedia

Community building

7. Educate Your Customer: Rather than always trying to pitch or sell stuff to your customers, you should make it a goal to try and educate them. For example, if you have sell televisions, you could write a short article titled “top 10 ways to pick the right television for your family.” You could include your article in your newsletter and then provide a Backlinks to your website, where you sell televisions. Does that make sense? this is frequently referred to as attraction marketing. And it is one of the best small business online marketing tips I can give you!

These are just a few small business online marketing tips. Once again, marketing is the lifeblood of your business. More importantly, marketing isn’t a single activity. It is everything you do in your MLM Company. How you answer the phone is marketing. How you respond to returns is marketing. How you treat your vendors is marketing. So make sure that everyone understands that what they do ultimately affects the company’s bottom line.

Educate Your Customer

Final Thoughts For Small Business Online Marketing Tips

In conclusion, small business online marketing is quite simple. Your key to success is to follow the advice in this article and develop a marketing strategy for your small business. Don’t think you have to do everything at once either. It’s all about baby-steps. Just get started, and never stop! I hope that helps.

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