10 Best Tips to Improve Your Social Media Visual Strategy 2022

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Heading into the year 2022, you need to be aware of the importance of Social Media Visual Strategy. According to the study on data processing we have, 90% of the information that the human brain processes are visual. Besides humans consider much easier the observable objects rather than texts. As such, it is critical to come up with a visual strategy that you feel best represents your brand.

10 Best Tips to Improve Your Social Media Visual Strategy 2022

Social Media Visual Strategy

Here is a visual strategic plan that you can use to improve your social media presence as we head into a new decade. Think of these as reasons why you must use visual content as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Consider Visual Aspects of Your Social Media Visual Strategy and Implement Them

Depending on which social media platforms you use, you’ll have to determine what kind of posts get the most attention. They are certainly going to be the ones with visual elements, but is there a pattern that emerges when you study them? You should have a marketing and analytics team to help you with your visual content strategy.

2. Use Consistent Style, but Experiment With Color, Texture, and Fonts

Consider your favorite brands and their visual communication strategy. What probably comes to mind is a particular color scheme, and perhaps a readily-identifiable font as well. The overall appearance of a brand should make it stick in your mind. Social media is a great place for you to build brand recognition that is so vital with repeat customers. Marketing strategy visual techniques that differ but are still somewhat repetitive work well for a lot of companies.

3. Optimize Images for Different Social Media Platforms

Just because an image works for one social media platform, that doesn’t mean you can readily transfer it to another and expect it to have the same impact. Know how to format images for different social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The typical Social Media Visual Strategy will use at least a couple of those.

4. Use Charts and Infographics

People don’t like reading long, boring blocks of text. If you have a point to make about your products or services, dress it up with charts or infographics. Make the information you are attempting to convey as exciting as possible. A visual content marketing strategy should be all about trying to wow the customer. For example, such infographics and charts are highly appreciated by users.

Charts and Infographics

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5. Add Animation

Any time that you can add fun animations to your social media posts, do so. Potential customers respond well to animation, provided it is appropriate based on the products or services you’re offering. A visual art marketing strategy that features animation is likely to go viral.

6. Use Video for Social Media

Using video in social media is the leading trend for branding campaigns for a few last years. You can use video as for storytelling, tutorials on your product or entertainment, or other purposes. Try to create well-crafted videos that convey the spirit of your company. Maybe you’re going for a frivolous approach or a serious one. Make sure that you achieve the proper tone. A visual commercial marketing strategy that doesn’t use any video is doomed to fail.

7. Make Visuals Work With Text

working in tandem. If the look and feel of the visuals are incongruous with the message of the text, it’s going to repel potential customers. Marketing strategy organization, visual content, and extensive testing should be regular topics of conversation during your planning sessions.

8. Make Use of Graphic Design

Graphic design elements are possible on some forms of social media, and you should have a top-notch creative team working on them for you. If you don’t have anyone on staff that knows the ins and outs of any platform you plan on using, then hire someone. You might want to use a freelancer if you don’t have the budget for a permanent position. Visual marketing strategy resources must be allocated carefully.

9. Embed Branding Into a Social Media Visual Strategy

Earlier, we spoke about the power of branding and recognition. Try to fit your company logo into your social media posts. Don’t let a potential customer forget what company you represent, but try to achieve a balance between overt advertising and subtlety. How to create a visual content marketing strategy is something that your whole staff should understand, and it should be their goal if they wish to gain ground within your niche. Make sure your branding specialties are integrated into each of these parts.

Embed Branding Into a Visual Strategy

10. Repurpose Other Content Into Visual

If you can get the rights to other content and put a spin on it to make it your own, that’s often a good strategy. That is particularly helpful if the content you are creating is highly topical. Take advantage of trends to show that your company pays attention to current events.

With these strategies in place, you should soon control the market share over your competitors. Where to start your visual content marketing strategy is all going to depend on your position within your niche. Think about whether you are trying to maintain a leading position or whether you’re attempting to catch up to other companies.

Hopefully, now you get the idea of how impactful is a social media visual marketing strategy for improving your ROI and growing your business. Figure out the best working tips from this list for your trough testing and for sure you get the great results of your efforts.

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