What Are The Best Targeted MLM leads?

Last Updated on March 19, 2016 by Muhammad Tabish

What are targeted MLM leads? In my opinion, a targeted MLM lead is someone actively looking to get involved in a network marketing business. That’s it. Unfortunately, most MLM leads aren’t targeted leads. Most MLM leads consist of the following types of people:

Get Rich Quick Mentality: This is a group of people with the casino mentality. They are looking for a scheme where they can earn lots of money without doing any work. They want immediate results too.

Opportunity Seekers: Opportunity seekers are looking for the hottest business opportunities. However, they are known for jumping from opportunity to opportunity. Whenever they hear about a new company or new business opportunity, their radars go off. They seldom stay with any one company more than two or three months.

Unemployed: Many unemployed people search the internet for “work-from-home” jobs. They aren’t really looking for their own business. Instead, they’re simply looking for ways to make money. Most have no desire to start a business of their own.

Disgruntled Employees: Many disgruntled employees search the Internet looking for work-from-home jobs. As a result, they visit websites and fill out surveys, without even realizing that they will become an MLM lead. These people have no desire to get involved in network marketing.

Aspiring Entrepreneur: The aspiring entrepreneur could be a decent network marketing lead, but probably not. Most aspiring entrepreneurs are in the research or planning phase of their new business venture. So, they search the Internet and sometimes come across “online business opportunities” and other “make money online” websites. When they fill out the form, they become a lead. Even though they don’t want to join an MLM company.

Best Targeted MLM leads?

Best Targeted MLM LeadsWhat I just covered are the types of people who normally become MLM leads. Let me explain by telling you that MLM Lead Companies are very good at generating leads. They entice people to visit their websites and fill out the web forms. Sometimes the lead companies are a little bit deceptive because they never say their business opportunities are network marketing businesses. When these leads get contacted about network marketing, they are uninterested or upset. Therefore, you end up wasting your time and money calling them in the first place.

Therefore, to succeed in MLM, you need to be targeted MLM leads. In my opinion, there are three types of people who qualify as targeted MLM leads. They are:

• People currently involved in MLM

• People formerly involved in MLM

• People actively looking to join the MLM industry

That’s it, folks. These are the type of people you want to focus on. They are the best candidates for your business. And they are the most targeted MLM leads. Where do you find these types of leads? That is the most important question on this web page. You can find them in the following places:

How to Generate Your Own Leads

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Generate Lead

MLM Forums: Many network marketers participate in online forums. They share their ideas, struggles and success stories with other network marketers. If you want to find new targeted MLM leads you should join several online network marketing forums. When you get to the forum, don’t spam everyone with a link to your business opportunity. Instead, provide value. Share helpful insights, tips and strategies. This is known as attraction marketing.

MLM Seminars: Many MLM distributors attend network marketing training seminars. There are plenty of generic training seminars taught by industry leaders. You should attend these seminars whenever possible and network with other people in attendance.

Websites: You can search the Internet for distributors from any company. Most distributors promote a simple generic company replicated website. On the bottom of the website are their name, email and telephone number. Most of these people are achieving dismal results. You can contact them and share helpful insights, without pitching your business opportunity.

Chat-rooms: Chat rooms are another great way to meet targeted MLM leads. There are hundreds of online network marketing chat-rooms you can visit. One again doesn’t spam people with your business opportunity link. Instead, provide value. Share some of the valuable lessons learned.

Newsletters and E-Zines: If you can find any online newsletters or E-Zines with a network marketing theme, you should subscribe to it. Consume the information. Talk with other subscribers. Look at the ads in it. Share any helpful tips you might have with other subscribers.

Genealogy Reports: When an MLM company goes out-of-business, it often sells its genealogy reports. This is simply a list of names, emails, addresses and other contact information of former distributors. The benefit of an MLM genealogy lead is that you know who sponsored who. And, you know that almost everyone you contact is receptive to money making strategies and the network marketing industry.

Why You Need an MLM Blog

MLM BlogWe just covered the best ways to find targeted MLM leads. In addition, please know that you MUST have your own personal blog or website, too. Stop promoting that company replicated website and take a month or two to create a nice blog or website that promotes you. Establish yourself as an authority in the industry by creating helpful content and promoting yourself.

As you meet targeted MLM leads at the venues listed earlier, send everyone to you blog or website. Your website will feature plenty of great content that pre-sells them on YOU. This is known as attraction marketing and it is the number one skill of top MLM earners.

On your website, you can have a link to your Home business opportunity or a simple “contact me” form that visitors can fill out. When you do this, you never need to pitch your business opportunity to anyone. Instead, people will ask you about your business opportunity. You become the hunted, instead of the hunter.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the top earners focus their time, money and energy on targeted MLM leads. A targeted MLM lead is someone already involved in network marketing, someone formerly involved in the industry or someone actively looking to get involved in network marketing industry. These types of people are your best source of new targeted MLM leads. If you take a different approach and focus on opportunity seekers, disgruntled employees, unemployed folks and the get rich crowd, you will fail in network marketing.

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