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Boost Your Sales By Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin [Get 20% More Conversion Efficiently]

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Review:


Displaying similar ads or content to all visitors on your website, blog, landing page or whether directly through Google AdWords Campaign can’t help out you to increase sales at all. Even big players such as Google and YouTube shows more targeted ads through Google Adsense, which clearly leads to more clicks and conversion.

When it comes to adding a widget ad or other kind of content in a website or blog, people generally choose sidebar, header and footer places to show ads, whatever you add a widget to any of these places, in the end, it’ll appear everywhere on your website or blog. That clearly means that you will have the similar sidebar’s content or ads displaying on everyone blog post.

It is proved by case studies of all of the marketing experts that when we show relevant ads or content in our WordPress sidebar, header and footer we can boost our sales with targeted ads promotion technique.

Are you ready to show relevant ads to the targeted audience?

Well, to do this you need Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin (TTCW)

What is Thrive Themes Clever Widgets?

Thrive themes Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin which helps to show relevant ads or content to targeted audience on different posts, categories, web pages, etc., so that your blog website catches full attention of targeted audience and finally results in high conversions.

Yes, Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin gives you the capability to control which particular widgets to come into view on your website’s sidebar, header or footer area.

Thrive Clever Widgets is very responsible nature WordPress plugin that without a glitch integrates with the default widgets options in WordPress.


Advantages of Thrive Themes Clever Widgets:

  1. Light Weighted Plugin

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is one of best light weighted plugins that doesn’t slow your loading time website (that doesn’t cause the increase of bounce rate).


  1. First Top Rated Premium Plugin

Thrive Clever Widgets is first Top Rated premium plugin which is constructed to optimize your widget area very well.


  1. Enhances User Experience

Thrive Clever Widgets WordPress plugin is very good at increasing user experience by means of displaying relevant ads or content to targeted audience.


  1. More RIO & Engagement:

By reason of the highly targeted ads good number visitors, it’ll help your website to converts into sales. As a result of highly targeted banner ads or content on selected blog posts/web pages, you can accomplish higher click through rate which means more conversion ($,$$,$$$).


  1. Free Updates of Amazing New Features:

We know technologies changing every second; you will get full updates of newly added features so that you can have the benefit of additional time saving and cool user experience boost up features for free.

  1. 24/7 Support

Regardless of membership of just single site license, you will get full 24/7 customer support.


  1. Reasonable Price

When we look at benefits of Thrive Clever Widgets WordPress plugin brings in for their user first, the money charged for it looks ignorable (not expensive)…   Always remember you can easily optimize your widget ads and recover the better price by means of more targeted sales.


Click on image below to Visit Thrive Clever Widgets WordPress plugin Official Website



How Does Thrive Clever Widgets WP Plugin Work?

Same like other WordPress plugins, Thrive Clever Widgets is very simple one-click installation plugin but very different in giving you the ability to turn any WordPress widget on your website targeted.

According to the majority of content marketing experts’ experience and mine too, there is no one better plugin in convincing your audience to click on your ads than Thrive Themes Clever Widgets WordPress plugin. Because when a visitor visits a particular post/page he/she will see 100% relevant banner advertisement to post/page content which tends to more clicks on ads.

Thrive Themes Clever Widgets is an extremely helpful plugin that can turn your blog/website even smarter and exact match to boost up your sales by converting approximately 20% of your visitors into buyers.


Before using thrive widgets plugin


After using thrive widgets plugin


How to Use Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Step By Step:

After the installation of Thrive Clever Widgets plugin, head over to the Widgets area of your WordPress control panel.

You will see an addition of a new option called Thrive Widget Display Options below each widget (look at the image below).



Click on the “Thrive Widget Display Options” to continue


A pop-up dialog box will appear which is shown in below picture, to allow you to set different targeting options and rules…

With the help of this option of Thrive Clever plugin, you can now decide accurately where your widget ads should appear to target right ads to right visitor, based on categories, post types, pages, tags, archive pages, and even down to include and exclude rules for particular a post.

  1. Basic Settings

Here you can choose to show the widget on the front page, blog index, all posts, 404 error pages, all pages, and the search page.


  1. Categories etc.

This section allows you to show widget based on tags or categories.


  1. Posts

If you would like to the widget to be shown on an exact post only, you can select the posts from the entire posts of your website.

  1. Pages

You can also display the widget in particular pages like about us & contact us, you can select the pages from all the pages of your website.


  1. Page Templates

If your website theme includes any page template, you can also show widget there.

  1. Post Types

You can select to show the widget from all the website post types, general types such as posts, pages, and attachment, any singular post type of your website theme can be chosen from this sector.

  1. Archive Pages

Complete archive connected pages, for example, the categories, tags, format etc. can be chosen to show your widget from this section.

  1. Other

You can decide to put on view the widget only to the logged in or logged out audience.

  1. Exclusions section

In case you would like to hide the widget from several of these posts, pages, archives, tags, post types, page templates etc., you can do that by the use of the individual tabs of the exclusions section.


To finish, click the ‘Save & Close’ button for the purpose of saving the new settings and get back to the widgets page.




How to Download Thrive Widgets plugin?

Wow! Thrive Widgets plugin has incredible features. You are probably scratching your head thinking how to download Thrive Themes Clever Widgets WordPress plugin!

Well, there are 3 options for you to download Thrive Widgets plugin:



For one website, you can purchase the plugin for $39 only. It comes with 1 year of full support and unlimited free updates. For unlimited websites, the value is $47. And the agency authorization of the plugin is charged at $49/month. This license comes with unlimited free updates of new features and 24/7 full customers support.


Conclusion and My Recommendation About Thrive Clever Widget:

Thrive Clever Widgets plugin is an amazing innovative plugin to provide you smooth control over your website’s widgets placement. According to my experience with this thrive plugin, I personally recommend you to use this plugin because it turns your website even more relevant to your readers and increases your sales as well.


Thrive Clever Widgets plugin unlocks plenty of possible new chances for monetization and growth of your business. By the use of Thrive Themes Clever Widgets WordPress Plugin, you possibly will generate highly targeted, detailed lead magnets based on particular posts of your business website.


Thrive Themes Clever Widgets Plugin was built to do one profession; to you full control of widgets of your website appearances.

Yes, it is very well in this job…

Showing relevant offers to the targeted visitors can very much increase your conversion rate and audience engagement.



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