Top 21 Insanely Weird Websites List Of 2022 : Update

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

Top 21 Really Weird Websites List Of 2022 are parts of the internet. And, the Internet is similar to a very large jungle where junk meets treasure, and it’s exclusively up to you to make a decision what company to keep.

Are you abused with a stressful thing now? …Are you submerged under your college books or fed up in the threat of your office room?

If yes, then I can bet these Insanely Weird Websites For Adults as well as interesting in a funny nature will not only refresh but will calm down your mind with huge happiness J  So let’s begin in the company of Top 21 Insanely ‘weirdest websites’ and interesting website list of 2022.

Weird Websites

The Fact:

There are very large continue growing numbers of Weird websites game on the internet where you can search out precious information regarding anything you want and tons of important knowledge covered with the funny side as well as entertainment, for example, List25inktank

So, for checking every one of them you don’t have to live extra 3000 years, (I know you can’t, even no one can.)

But of course,

  • There are a lot of additional Wonderfully Weird websites to visit when bored that cover a darker and sometimes even evil side such as “websites of Illuminati”…
  • Several of these insanely weird websites Generator Ever will make you laugh instantly, some possibly will shock you, and a few may perhaps even cause you to ask many questions to your “common sense”.
  • On the other hand, I promise you that each and everyone clicks on the following 21 top weird science Awesome   Useless websites will be a matchless experience… In addition, each and every one of these sites has PR 2 or above.

Top 21 Weird Websites List of 2022

So let’s begin in the company of “Top 21 Insanely Weird Websites” and interesting and Top 21 Shocking websites List Of 2022!


1. Faces Facebook (social weird website):

Have you ever seen yourself physically out of the box?

I mean do you wish for trying something incredible such as bearing in mind the place you exist from troposphere (the layer of gasses surrounding the Earth from the surface up to a height of about 10 kilometers) so that you can recognize how large the world is and you are a drop in the Ocean… LoL!!

The fact this website is made to give you an experience of the total Facebook and you will discover it next to impractical in finding you. PS: I couldn’t find me 🙁

Don’t trust me! Watch yourself: Faces Facebook


2. Clever Bot (chatting weird website):

Usually, this one’s Engineers favorite! Mine too!

Technically Cleverbot works on an artificial intelligence algorithm to have chats with human being… Wikipedia

For having fun, just go and chat with the bot/application; you will be shocked by the replies of the application. Trust me you won’t bored Button chatting with it for hours.

Talk Now: Clever Bot 

3. Eel Slap:

Eelslap Weird Website

Eel Slap is basically a website where you are capable to slap a person with eel by your mouse.

Is it funny?

Well, the majority of people believe it is fun to slap a person with eel… What are you waiting for?

Let’s slap a person for free! Eel Slap


4. Flight Radar24 (technical Weird website):

flight rader24 Weird Website

A number of people love Aeroplane and some human being just like watching other people flying… Well, I have very good news for both kinds of people because there’s an extremely weird al site that permits you to “spy” on each single plane flying at present in any division of the world.

All you need to do is just click the right flight or airport and who knows, you might be the one to crack the mystery behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Visit now: FlightRadar24

5. Do Not Go On:

Do Not Go On Weird Website

Humans are a model of mistakes, that’s how every one of us makes mistake… You just clicked on a place you shouldn’t click on. Please go back peacefully.


Well, you have to be. Visit the Weirdness website and you will get the reason.

Visit Now: Do not Go On or Just click the button below

Page Rank: 3

6. TickLd (comedy weird website):

Tickld Weird Website


I am very excited to tell about this. It is one of comedy Weird Names Asian websites but better than any weird News Asian websites but better than any Premium Comedy Website or stupid jokes of your friend.

Yes, you got it correct?

As the name indicates itself that it provides holy happiness and will roll you down to laughter so if you wish for to laughing like a fresh human then just have a look at this interesting “Weird Pictures” looking website.

Visit now: TickLd


7. ZoomQuilt (illusion weird website):

Zoom Quilt Weird Websites

Have you seen a kind of planet that just zooming and zooming?

When I observed it at the first time, I realized that it is one of the great design illusions I have ever observed online…

ZoomQuilt is basically a never-ending infinite zoom illusion produced with flash technology.

My brother’s kids a lot of time play with it… This is without a doubt one of the most excellent design arts on the internet. I can bet you will be truly stunned by the way it goes on.

Visit Now: ZoomQuilt


8. Nicest Place On The Internet:

Nicest Place On The Internet

As the name indicates that if you are in some kind of sadness or want to turn up your brain for slight enjoyment then this hub is a necessity required one to hook around.

It works in such a way that a set of persons with warm wishes countless hugs and high-quality music will encourage you up.

That’s very awesome! Isn’t it?

A day without stress is all that you can obtain from this website… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Visit Now: Nicest Place on the Internet


9. BoohBah Zone:

In short, it is interactive entertainment for pre-schoolers based on Ragdoll’s Boohbah television show. This website really doesn’t make any kind of sense. It presents a lot of Cute Games for Toddlers so I advise you not to visit it 😉

Visit Now: BoohBah

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10. Nooooooooooooooo:

Noooooooooooooooo Weird Websites

This is one of the best stress killer weird Addictive websites in a geeky and odd way, and it can be helpful particularly if you are having an awful day.

So if you ever suffer such as screaming truly loud at a job but you can’t since you will get fired…

In this case, just visit, set your headphones on, click the button as many times as you want and let Darth Vader do the job for you.

Visit Now: Nooooooooooooooo


11. AwkwardFamilyPhotos (parenting weird websites):

Absolutely timed awkward family photos! This is a very large medium of photos of people being embarrassed and the images seem so perfectly timed that it will generate a racket for you whole day…

Would you like to laugh with your complete family?

So, go on…

Keep in mind,

Maintain the eyes closed off your children caused a number of photos are real double trouble LoL!

Go check it out yourself: AwkwardFamilyPhotos


12. I Look Like Barack Obama:

i look like barack obama

This is actually a funny website links where a man called as “Trevor”, say that he looks like Barak Obama.

Do you think something is weird here?

Well, in the reality that man isn’t look like Obama, he just says that he looks like.

If you can’t notice the strange, ambiguous similarity between the first American black president in history and the crazy Websites white guy who owns the website then anything is wrong with your eyes, according to him…

I really don’t know that guy is serious or he’s just having fun but if a number of men have indeed stopped him in streets to convince him that he somehow looks like “X president of America” then something is extremely wrong with their brains and their observation.

Best part,

If you wish for to inviting him in any of party, you can too. J

He told that you guys can call to ask him to your parties even he don’t even look like American black president.

Visit now: ILookLikeBarackObama


13. SnapBubbles:

 Snap bubbles Weird Websites

Have you ever got a beautiful present with bubble wrap & it was better than the present or bubble wrap was a gift itself?

Yes, this weird website makes you capable of breaking as much bubble you want all day long! Enjoy, as you explore practical bubbles with a cracking sound… Snap Away!

Hey, I also exploded over 30 bubbles, pop a little you as well.

Pop Now: SnapBubbles


14. ReasonMySoniscrying:

Reasones my Son is Crying

Eah! The planet desires to identify why your son is crying…


I was just kidding!

But the fact is this site is most excellent for parents as it comes up with various articles and interesting facts behind the crying of your Son.

There you’ll find a video that will explain everything you need to know about your son’s unexpected behavior.

Go check it now!!!

It is not gender bias so it possibly will also work for your daughter too.

Visit now: ReasonMySoniscrying


15. Press The Space Bar:

Are you bored? Want to break your office spacebar? Yeah! You heard it correct?

How many times can you press the spacebar in 5 seconds, 10 seconds or even 15 seconds?

Don’t know?

Then this game is especially made for you. My 5 seconds score was 36 Just go beat it… It’s fun and awesome.

Visit Now: Press The Space Bar


16. TestGay

Guy Test Weird Website

I hope I don’t have to clarify this anymore as the name explains everything I suppose.

So give it a try… This tool will test you.

Check your Gay Status: Gay Test


17. Feed The Head:

Feed The Head Weird Website

The most amazing website in which you play a game in which you do different, weird things with head, eyes, ears etc. In the end, you have to make it disappear.

Feed The Head is really a superb but a hard game to win. I bet you will get addicted to it.

As you are blog reader here is a nice guide on “How to finish FEED THE HEAD game

Feed Now: Feed The HEAD


18. Exit Mundi (science Wired website):

Exit Mundi - Weird Website

Whoa! This website is extremely weird, there is no doubt about it, and its content is as horrid as it gets but simultaneously the guys behind it have a great sense of humor.

They know their facts, and look to be extremely intelligent (and weird, too). If you’re one of those (many) citizens who just remain wonder while the ending of the world will come and what it will seem like, or you are extremely interested in meteors, volcanoes, black holes, nukes, climatic shifts, and weird molecular disasters then I’m sure this website will be exact  for you.

Visit now: Exit Mundi


19. R33b:

Worried? Exhausted? … Should a toad hypnotize you? Well, don’t wait just go and check whether this toad works or not?

Just go and check: R33b


20. Tane (funny wired website):

Tane Funny Weird Website

It comes with a mark of loads of Fun. Yes, you heard it right!

Lods of fun at initial you must solve a puzzle then the game will become visible on the window for you.

This website even has a subreddit on Weird Websites Reddit.

Tane Now: Tane

21. Patience is a Virtue:



It is a very great website for patient people. I think I do not need to explain anything. Just visit it yourself and you will get that Patience is certainly a virtue. Stand by, please.

Visit Now: Patience is a Virtue


Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed the each one of Funny Websites For Boredom or maybe I wasted your time? Or maybe your mood is fresh now? Or Funny?… And don’t forget to leave a comment that will truly charge me up to write down such funny and interesting articles for you.

Just give us a favor, and share this article with your friends and others using the sharing buttons below.

And remember: Sharing is Sexy!

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  1. Some of these are just hilarious. I am all for things that make people feel happy as long as it is not at the expense of others.

  2. SY Abuzar & Tabish,

    As you know several fellow bloggers have created their own list of insane websites. But, I think your list is automatically grabbing the eyes and creating its space in the competition. I found these websites unique for me (because I never visited any single of them in past 😛 ). It was a fun to read the whole article.

    One more thing I want to mention, you both have got a unique writing style. Reading your article is basically like talking with you.

    That’s all from my side! 🙂


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