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If you want to succeed in MLM, you must have an effective MLM marketing system. Your MLM marketing system is a systematic, automated process of generating leads, following up on leads, signing up new distributors and training new distributors.

The reason you need your own system is because you can’t do it all. Time is valuable. Your objective is to standardize the entire prospecting and recruiting process, so you have more time to spend with your family. Let’s face it there are only 24 hours in any day. In order to be effective and efficient, you must know which tasks are the most important and most profitable.

In the MLM industry, the most important tasks are prospecting, presenting your business opportunity and training. You must spend the vast majority of your productive time working on these tasks.

In today’s world, you must have an online multi-level marketing system. Once you are ready to start your own online multi-level marketing system, you have two choices. You can create your own online MLM marketing system or you can use someone else’s marketing system. Personally, I think it’s better to create your own MLM marketing system. Although there are several good online marketing systems out there, I think it’s best to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Top 5 Best Online MLM Marketing SystemFor instance, MLM System Pro is a very effective MLM Marketing system. It helps distributors brand themselves while earning up to an additional 19 income streams. The major downside of the system is that there are thousands of people promoting MLM System Pro. That makes it hard for you to differentiate yourself from everyone else promoting the same system. I’m not saying you can’t succeed with a system like MLM System Pro. Instead, I think there is a better way. If you have your own system, you have little competition. You will be the “different guy” or “new guy” online. People will be curious to learn more about you, your MLM Company and your system. So, how do you create your own system? It’s actually quite easy. I think a novice could create their own system in one to two weeks, maybe less. Here’s the series of steps you should follow:

Best MLM Marketing System

Step # 1a Get a Lead Capture Page:

A capture page is a one-page website designed to “capture” a visitor’s name, email, phone and other pertinent contact information. The website owner adds a web form to the capture page, so the visitor can input their information in exchange for something. For instance, you could offer a free product sample, free eBook, video download or something similar in order to collect your visitor’s information. Once the visitor enters their contact information, they receive the free information from your auto-responder. You can also create other follow up messages.

All you need to do to set up a capture page is get a domain name, buy hosting (about $10-$15 per month) and use a simple website builder. As an alternative, you could also pay a small fee ($200 or less) and have someone do it for you. To learn more, just do a Google search for “capture page.”

Step# 1b Get a Website:

As an alternative to a capture page, you could also create your own content themed website. The website’s theme should correspond with your MLM Company or products. For instance, if your company sells skin care products, you could create a skin care themed website with tons of great content. You could place a web form on every page of your website, just like you would with a capture page. In order to get names, you could offer a free 10-page report on proper skin care in exchange for someone’s email and phone number. To start a website, you need a domain name, hosting, and a website builder.

Step # 2 Generate Leads:

Once you have your website or capture page, your next goal is to focus on marketing. Marketing is the most important aspect of MLM. You must spend 80% or more of your time and money on marketing. My definition of marketing is the process of “meeting someone and getting them to like and trust you so they will do business with you.” In reality, it’s about building trust.

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In order to succeed at marketing, you will use advertising and marketing techniques. This includes advertising such as newspaper advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and E-Zine advertising. In addition, you can also use free resources such as video marketing and article marketing. All of these techniques (when combined) are effective if you know what you are doing. Your ultimate goal is to drive hundreds (or thousands) of visitors to your capture page or website every day.

A percentage of these visitors will opt-in to your web form and become a lead. Therefore, your goal is to convert visitors into leads. If you can convert 10 to 15% of all your visitors into leads, you’re doing great.

Step # 3 Follow Up with Leads:

The money is in the follow-up. Your system must follow up with your leads every day or every couple days. Your goal is to provide quality information, not sound like a used car salesman. You want to educate your leads and establish yourself as an expert. This gives you credibility. Remember, our business is all about relationships. You need to build trust, so you can build relationships.

Once you’ve built a relationship with your prospect (5-15 emails and a phone call) you can mention your products, services or business opportunity.

It’s also important to remember that you should promote generic training products in your follow up emails. This is known as an MLM funded proposal. For instance, you can give testimonials about helpful eBooks and MLM training products you have used in the past. You can provide your affiliate link underneath the testimonial. When the person visits your link and purchases the eBook, you earn a commission.

All top earners use this approach. An MLM funded proposal lets you make money on everyone on your email list, whether they join your business opportunity or not. It also helps offset advertising costs.

Step # 4 Present Your Business Opportunity and/or Company Products:

Once your system has helped you build a relationship with your leads, you should mention your MLM products and services. At this point, you can send your leads to a company replicated website. Or you can email them a video of you explaining the business opportunity and discussing the products. Once they’ve seen the business plan, some people will join (maybe 10-20%) your business opportunity or become customers.

Step # 5 Train New Distributors:

The final requirement of your MLM marketing system is to train new distributors. You can create a separate email series in your auto-responder. You can write 10 to 20 messages outlining what people should do in their first 30 days. This covers: getting started, retail sales, prospecting, presenting the opportunity and so forth. This doesn’t mean you don’t call your downline. You should do that too. Instead, this simply helps you train your downline so you don’t have to spend all of your time on the phone.

Once your MLM marketing system is up and running, you should monitor it and focus on continuous improvement. Minimum once each month, you should sit down and tweak whatever isn’t working well. Make small improvements and track your progress. Your goal is to make small improvements every month. Over a long period of time, this can pay huge dividends.

In addition, you must help your serious distributors duplicate your MLM marketing system. That doesn’t mean they have the same generic capture page and emails. It just means that you show them how to set-up their own system. You can do this in your auto-responder. You can create a series of emails to help your new distributors get started with their own MLM marketing system. It really is that easy.

In conclusion, if you want to succeed in network marketing, you must have your own multi-level marketing system. Your system must be effective, cost efficient and duplicatable. You can use someone else’s system for a nominal fee or you can create your own system. In my opinion, the best type of MLM marketing system is a “themed based website.” To learn more, check out the link below.

On a side note, I would love to hear about your favorite MLM Marketing System. Do you like MLM System Pro, Magnetic Sponsoring, the Renegade Networker, or another system? Tell me what you like about your system. How does it work? How much does it cost per month? How many leads does it generate each month for you? Just type in your 150+ word entry in the web-form below. Thanks.

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