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Top 7 Best BuySellAds Alternatives to Monetize Websites

BuySellAds Alternatives

Buysellads is now No.1 direct banner advertising network and is the first choice of all bloggers in the world to monetize their blogs.

Everyone wants to get BuySellAds approval to sell ad space on their blogs to earn good monthly income.

Thousands of Bloggers are earning very handsome income by Selling Ad space through BuySellAds.

But nowadays Many bloggers don’t get approved from BuySellads, that is the very big reason many of them want some BuySellAds Alternatives to selling ad space on their blogs for making money.

Top 7 Best BuySellAds Alternatives

Best buysellads alternatives

Here I am describing the list of some BuySellAds Alternatives which may be the good option for bloggers to monetize their blogs.

1 – AdClerks

This ad network has launched in 2012 and very rapidly growing. I have seen a lot of famous bloggers are joining it as it’s publisher to sell ad space.

Adclerks Marketplace

This BuySellAds Alternative approves the blogs with low traffic also, this is the biggest reason many bloggers are becoming part of its publisher program.

Not only by selling ad space, but bloggers can earn income from sponsored tweets also with this best BuySellAds Alternatives.

2 – OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher Ad Manager

Working of it is some different from BSA, but still, it has the good position in all BuySellAds Alternatives, It is very good ad manager script working automatically.

You can have total control over your advertising work.

You can keep 100 % revenue generated from advertising.

A single license covers all of your websites.

3 –  Adsella


Adsella is another rising BuySellAds Alternatives which is working well as a middle man in between Advertisers & publishers.

Adsella gives 80 % of the advertising revenue to the publishers which can be considered highest in the Industry.

If you have low traffic on your blog which is not enough to get BSA approval then you can try Adsella as effective BuySellAds Alternatives.

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4 – BlogAds


BlogAds is very good BuySellAds Alternatives which is just same like BSA, It is a very strong competitor of BSA in my eyes because of its so many great features which I am mentioning below.

Advertisers can purchase directly on your site.

Advanced advertising options like RSS feeds & Twitter Business Account advertising.

The publisher can earn 70 % of the revenue.

Earn 14 % commission on direct sale on your site.

Earn 14 % commission by referring advertisers on your site.

All these are just same features like BSA & the very big reason why I call it very best alternatives to BuySellAds because it is old & trustable also.

5 – Projectwonderful

project wonderful Makes Advertising

The working of this ad network is very amazing, This works on the basis of bidding on the ad slots.

Finally, this system gives good income opportunity to the bloggers if you have good traffic.

If you don’t have good traffic then don’t worry, still, you can join Projectwonderful.

They give 75 % commission to the publisher which is more than BSA.

Because of all the above reasons, Project wonderful is best BuySellAds Alternatives.

6 – AdEngage

AdEngage is high performing ad network with minimum payment threshold – $ 20.

This Ad network is part of Technorati Media Group.

They offer ad space sold on Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis.

Ad engages works on both CPC & CPM Models.

Ad engage gives 75 % commission to the publishers.

It is also very big  BuySellAds Alternatives.

7 – Advertise Space

Another strongly working BuySellAds Alternatives which is also known for its quality working between both advertisers & publishers.

Publishers can sell ad space on monthly basis.

They give fast Weekly Payouts Through Pay Pal.

Subdomains are also allowed to become publisher of this ad network.

All these above mentioned BuySellAds Alternatives are the very good option to monetize your blogs or websites If you are rejected from Buysellads and still have the desire to earn handsome income from your blog.

If you know some more BuySellAds Alternatives, then feel free to share below in comments. Thanks.

Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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  1. DeeDee Lynn

    This is very interesting. I started a new blog over the summer, and it’s taken some time to get approved for AdSense and a couple of other affiliates. It’s nice to know there are other sources out there when I am ready to move forward.

  2. Donna Merrill

    Hi Muhammad,

    This is a nice collection of resources for bloggers looking to monetize via ad sources.

    I work with many students who are always looking for these resources, so I will share this article, for sure.


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      Hello Lee,
      How Are You? Welcome to My Blog, Glad You Like It! Keep visiting,

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  3. Gaurav Kumar


    It is not easy for a newbie blogger to get approved from BuySellAds because of their terms. It is good to know that there are other advertising platforms which are the best alternative of this.


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