VigLink Review: Best Affiliate Network to Monetize Your Blog in Any Niche

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VigLink Review: Best Affiliate Network to Monetize Your Blog in Any Niche

VigLink Review: Wouldn’t it be fun if your website makes $$$$ from your already written blog articles without placing any Banner ads/affiliate links manually?

Just think about if your site becomes an automatic money making machine?

Every blogger wants to earn money from the blog or achieve something, Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for bloggers/publishers or anybody who has some publicity to make money online. Still, if you have a little experience in affiliate marketing, you have most likely experienced the following problems:

  1. Getting approval of affiliate programs (no approval = no affiliate link = no money).
  2. Different affiliate programs for different products/services and it's pretty tough to manage all of them.

In this VigLink review, I am heading for proving how these puzzles can be cracked with this blog monetization program.


Before going any further with VigLink review based on my a few weeks experiences, let me clear about “affiliate marketing” for new bloggers who may be what affiliate marketing is.

In affiliate marketing, bloggers recommend products/services to the readers, and if they purchase anything using your unique affiliate/referral link, then you’ll get a referral commission from the sale. The amount of money that we earn from this type of affiliate referral is more than what we can earn from AdSense clicks.

There are numerous definitions of VigLink. Some say it is an in-text advertising network. Some affiliate marketers see it as a hands-off affiliate marketing toolWikipedia states it as an outbound-traffic monetization service. Actually, none of them is wrong.

In simple words, VigLink is a tool that connects advertisers (bloggers, affiliate marketers, publishers, etc.) and merchants'. You can say it is an affiliate program that offers a win-win situation for both parties.

It’s a little bit similar in some ways to affiliate networks like CJ and ShareASale. Though, VigLink can do so much more than what ordinary affiliate networks can do.

I know this sounds fuzzy. Let me explain...

How Does VigLink Work?

After signing up with VigLink, it’ll automatically scan your complete website and help you insert profitable & suitable affiliate links into your contents.

Nowadays, VigLink is working with 30,000+ merchants so they have plenty of affiliate programs associated with them.

Each time your reader clicks through that affiliate link and make a purchase, you get a fixed amount of commission. If the links are Pay Per Click (PPC) links then you get the commission every time someone clicks on it.

Watch this short review of the VigLink video below:

Numerous of in-text advertising networks are available on the market in present time, but most of them go down spectacularly short in terms of payout. On the other hand, Infolinks is the only best ad network I’ve had the finest results with earlier, but here I’m only sharing VigLink review because it’s not just like other in-text advertising networks. It also automatically hyperlink the terms as an affiliate link if it matches or suits with the commercial products/services and that’s what more profitable.

So basically, you'll get access to plenty of affiliate programs just through making an account with VigLink (it’s free). You don't need to apply for various affiliate programs individually at all.

It’s a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.

Why VigLink is Free?

Technically, there is no single affiliate program that's free. They all charge very little amount of commission of your earning during payout.

Yes, VigLink is absolutely FREE to join and it'll take 25% of all your commission and you'll get 75% like rest of all affiliate programs. That makes sense, right?

Not a single affiliate marketer will stop you from joining it because all affiliate programs do the same but with different charges.

In my opinion, 25% of earning is not bad at all. So, this is a great program instead of applying for every affiliate programs one-by-one. Because firstly, you get access to a large number affiliate programs all in one place. Secondly, VigLink can negotiate for a higher commission rate sometimes for you because they have a huge group of marketers. They also give bonuses.

VigLink has improved their link tracking software and also has several necessary tools which are VigLink convert, VigLink anywhere and VigLink insert. Let me explain briefly.

1. VigLink Convert

VigLink Convert will automatically transfer any already existing non-affiliated links on your website into affiliate links to generate $$$$ for you.

 That doesn't mean all the links your blog have will be turned into affiliate links. its system will first scan your complete website’s link and will match with their affiliate program database to spot which link has the potential to make money.

Note: I assured you that they won't touch rest of all your existing affiliate links. I’ve had lots of affiliate links already which is not a part of VigLink and they all are unchanged…

Whenever anybody clicks on any link will be redirected to the “sale page” also known as “affiliate page” of that particular product/service related to your blog category.

After the transition done commission will be credited to your VigLink account which later on can be transferred into your bank account or PayPal

For Example:

I’m making a review blog post about iPhone 6s and I linked the “iPhone 6s “ with the non-affiliated link so VigLink will automatically change it into hyperlinks virtual be redirected to iPhone 6s sale page or sites like Amazon and eBay by an affiliate URL. So if the user buys any item from Apple website or other like Amazon you’ll earn referral commission immediately.

2. VigLink Insert

VigLink automates the process of identification of commercial keywords (name of any goods/services) from website articles and hyperlinks them with the most profitable affiliate offer they have.

All you need to do is just focus on writing good articles and “VigLink insert” automatically links commercial keywords on your behalf.

For Example:

I published a post on “how to setup WordPress within 5 mins in GoDaddy web hosting”; VigLink will automatically put affiliate links to GoDaddy and selected WordPress premium plugins in the post on suitable keywords. So, if the visitor buys through that referral link then you’ll get Commission.

3. VigLink Anywhere

Unlike other affiliate networks, VigLink isn’t limited to just making money from the website. It gives you the power to make $$$ through social media and Email Marketing.

VigLink Anywhere is the coolest feature that gives you the capability to generate custom merchant (Commercial/referral) links to promote it anywhere you want; it’d be a Facebook (status, comment or message), Twitter, Email list or any social networks…

You’ve to copy the page URL of any offer you want to promote and paste it into “VigLink Anywhere” and you'll get a custom referral link VigLink.

Kindly watch this short demonstration video below on how these features work:


1. Higher Commission Rate

VigLink always tries to give you higher commission deal as it has more than 60,000 advertisers (merchants). With VigLink affiliate programs you may catch a higher commission rate per sale because of all advertiser bid in the VigLink system for more sales of their goods/services.

2. Simplicity

By bringing a lot of affiliate programs together in one place VigLink prevents the headache of affiliate networks approval and management of them.

Now, no need of applying for each affiliate program on your own and manage them separately.

And the best thing about VigLink is that it lends a hand to grab all commissions together that’s mean, no tension of threshold amount in every affiliate program and you'll get paid more frequently.

3. Automation

Who don’t automation nowadays?

  • Automatically transformation of non-affiliated links into affiliate links.
  • Hyperlinks the suitable keywords

So, you won’t miss out any opportunities...

4. Best Alternative for Amazon Associates

Note: Amazon isn’t accessible everywhere. There are some particular regions that Amazon prohibited because of tax law subjects. So, VigLink is an excellent chance for both affiliates & advertisers.

Note: Amazon isn’t accessible everywhere. There are some particular regions that Amazon prohibited because of tax law subjects. So, VigLink is an excellent chance for both affiliates & advertisers.

No doubt, this is also great for those affiliates got disapproved by Amazon.

5. Approval For Every Offer

Even if you are using programs like Commission Junction and ShareASale you always have to request for each offer before promoting it but here you don’t need to do that.

Just after signing up with VigLink, you'll have access to numerous of affiliate offers instantly.

Unlike other affiliate networks, it’ll not only accept you even if you've no experience with affiliate marketing at all.

6. Supports Various Platforms

VigLink can work with 6 different Content Management System (CMS):

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • phpBB
  • Typepad
  • vBulletin


VigLink has step-by-step detailed instructions on how to integrate with the every CMS after you're logged in.


7. Search Engine Friendly

You can ignore the website's SEO factor especially when VigLink inserts more affiliate links into your website content.

Don’t worry!

VigLink always adds "nofollow" tag to each of the affiliate links so they won't share link juice to the sale page. It also has a great feature that involves disclosure for the affiliate links to obey to the FTC.

And also don’t worry about the relationship between you and readers if your main goal is to deliver valuable information to your readers. Having multiple relevant affiliate links will just help you put more value.

Key point: It’s just a common myth that Google hates affiliate links.

8. Payout Limit & Time

You’ll get monthly Pay Out with No Minimum Threshold.


1. Required Website

  • So as to get the approval of VigLink you required a decent website first. And if you really want to make more $$$$ then you need the well-developed with the real and good number of trafficWhy?
  • Well, if you don’t have a website with more traffic, still you can be approved by VigLink but Zero traffic means you don't have sufficient possible customers = you may not be making money that much…
  • 2. Ad Blocker

    This is a very strong headache for all bloggers. If your visitors have Ad Blocker on their browser then possibly your automated affiliate links and Ads won’t show up. So, your revenues will be affected by Ad Blockers.

    3. It’s Not That Easy!

    Even if VigLink has made lots of things so simple and easy for but, still sometimes you don’t have control over everything…

    It’s likely to have large numbers of clicks but no income. Your website niche/category is also another powerful factor that can disturb the success of VigLink on your blog. So, this is certainly not an instant success.

    You can’t just make $$$ by joining VigLink. It’s always necessary for you to be creative and for that, you also required several trial and errors.

    Try to learn more things about how to write content and proven traffic driving methods…

    How to Sign Up for VigLink?

    1. Go to VigLink
    2. Sign up as a Publisher
    3. Put Your Email Address & Password
    4. Enter Website URL
    5. Select Website Category
    6. Check your inbox
    7. Click on the confirmation link
    8. Your request will be held under review
    9. Once Approved, Set up your profile
    10. Configure your campaign (Campaign title, type, category and CMS you use)
    11. Sign up Done!

    Next, you'll see a page like this:


    This is the installation guide page where you’ve to Install VigLink Plugin or copy and paste their JavaScript code into your website in order to use VigLink on your website.

    There are two installation methods to this. As more blogger use WordPress, the demo below is by using WordPress. If you're using any other CMS then check out the list of video tutorials.

    (1) JavaScript Code

    Here's how you add JavaScript code to WordPress:

    You just have to go to WordPress Dashboard, click on Appearance > Editor and choose "Footer" or "Theme Footer at the right sidebar.

    Next, copy & paste the JavaScript given code just before the </body> tag

     Once inserting the java code into your site, just wait for them to verify and to do the "magic" in the back end.

    (2) Install VigLink Plugin

    Here's how you install VigLink Plugin into WordPress:

    Once installed is done, just activate the plugin and you can find VigLink under "Settings" in your WP Dashboard.

    The final step is to configure your VigLink API Key. So just copy the API Key from your VigLink account to the settings page, click on save and you're done!

    Note: By using the first method you can avoid one more plugin (It’s recommended). Also, the guidelines in the video are easy-to-follow.

    P.S. For further guidelines on VigLink Installation, please visit their Help Center.

    Conclusion - Your Turn:

    No matter category of your blog is, VigLink is an amazing break for every affiliate marketer and blogger to make extra $$$$ and it has advertisers from all the categories and VigLink is much better choice than Google AdSense.

    Though, it may not work for all niche and site. It is worth some trial and error.

    On the other hand, VigLink is absolutely FREE to join. So, this is zero losing opportunity.

    I’d absolutely recommend you to sign up for VigLink and give it a shot.

    All you need to do is just concentrate on writing high-quality content.

    Review of: VigLink
    Affiliate Network/In-text Advertising:
    SY Abuzar
    Completely FREE

    Reviewed by:
    On May 9, 2018
    Last modified:December 9, 2019


    VigLink Review Summary: VigLink is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Instead of signing up on different affiliate programs and inserting affiliate links manually it is better to use viglink which will automate this process. VigLink works in a very different manner than other blog monetization programs.

    VigLink Review Summary: VigLink is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Instead of signing up on different affiliate programs and inserting affiliate links manually it is better to use viglink which will automate this process. VigLink works in a very different manner than other blog monetization programs.

    So, This is another Boring Author Box Below Each and Every post, Where I have to write about Myself that I am a Blogger and all that. Lets make it simple, Visit About ME page to know About Me. Circle me on Google+

    20 thoughts on “VigLink Review: Best Affiliate Network to Monetize Your Blog in Any Niche

    1. Monna Ellithorpe

      Hello Sy,

      Thanks for the information on this program. The others are not doing much for me so far, so I’m going to try this and see how it goes.

      Thanks again for the detailed information.

      1. SY Abuzar Post author

        Hello Mam,
        It’s my pleasure to do.
        Believe me, this program will reduce your a lot of affiliate work. It’s a very brilliant automation program.
        and the best thing regarding this is it pull all affiliate earning at one place that means more frequently payout and no minimum threshold…

    2. Johanna Galyen

      I wish affiliate marketing would work without having the high traffic site, but until I get more traffic, I feel stuck at times. I do like that this has no minimum payout. Google’s threshold of $100 means I would get paid in 2025 at the rate I’m going. I made $0.52 last month, and deleted all of it. I didn’t like the messiness that a measly 52 cents gave me.

      I will keep this in the back of my mind when my traffic starts to build up. Thanks for sharing and for making it very easy to understand. Google should take a few hints. LOL 🙂 . ~ Johanna

      1. SY Abuzar Post author

        Hello Johanna Mam,
        I can understand all sorts of Google Adsense pain! The fact is you don’t need to get more traffic in affiliate marketing, you just have to get targetted traffic. By using this affiliate program you can grab all your earnings at one place/monthly with no minimum threshold like Google Adsense that means, the money you’re going to make will be in your pocket frequently.
        And, Google doesn’t give a damn about it.

    3. Gaurav Kumar

      Viglink is a great place to monetize your blog. But to make money which you can count, you have to create excellent content, build the email list and add storytelling to your posts.

      1. SY Abuzar Post author

        Yes, I am benefiting from it.
        As I explained in this vigLink Review, it’s quite easy when you don’t have an affiliate program account that you mentioned even just once and as you don’t have it affiliate link so you’ve to link that product or services with a non-affiliate link and obviously, when somebody buys through that you won’t make any penny. But it does the magic here.

        You know what Federici mam,
        I don’t have every affiliate membership of goods/services that I’m mentioning in my blog posts and now, I don’t need to…
        P.S. The only thing I hate about it is that you don’t have control over excluding specific keywords or phrases you want to keep unlinked!

    4. Arslan Ahmed Khoso

      Hello Brother Iftikhar

      It is very nice and informative article this helps me alot, each and every step is useful thanks for sharing with us… Iftekhar you are Great People <3 Thanks

    5. Amit Shee

      Thanks for the information on this program. The others are not doing much for me so far, so I’m going to try this and see how it goes.Thanks again for the detailed information.

    6. gralion torile

      Thanx for the effort, keep up the good work Great work, I am going to start a small Blog Engine course work using your site I hope you enjoy blogging with the popular you express are really awesome. Hope you will right some more posts.


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