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Top 10 Best Wedding Reception Ideas on a Budget

Best Wedding Reception Ideas on a Budget Amongst the largest expenses which every couple to married spends are the expenses associated with reception.

However, there are unique methods by which to-be-couples out there could do to be able to cut their cost while still having a festive and fun party for all of the guests….

1. Wedding Reception Location

The location will make a big impact on your reception. Rather than going for an exclusive 5-star hotel’s ballroom, find a unique place instead.

If you are good in research, you will be very surprised as to the number of available low-cost but beautiful locations.

Look for banquet rooms, church halls, museums, vineyards, and gardens.

You could also check out local restaurants which accommodate simple but unique receptions.

2. Wedding Reception Cake

Wedding cakes could amount to $5 each serving. This amount of money could eat up your budget especially when too many guests are invited…You might want to take into consideration buying a tiny display cake then just order sheet cakes for the guests to eat.

This is cost-effective than paying $5 for each guest’s slice of cake.

You might want to take into consideration buying a tiny display cake then just order sheet cakes for the guests to eat. This is cost-effective than paying $5 for each guest’s slice of cake.

3. Wedding Reception Guests

It is tempting to invite everyone you know to the reception, even those that you have met during kindergarten.

However, when you are on a tight budget, you should limit your guest list. Just invite people who you are close to.

With this, you will be able to save money on the drinks and foods of the invited guests.

4. Wedding Reception Food

Usually, family members are willing to help the couple prepare foods for the reception.

Foods like lasagna, ham and roast beef are all simple to prepare, even in large quantities. Also, buy all of the needed ingredients in bulk to be able to save money.

5. Wedding Reception Decorations

With just the right degree of creativity as incorporating trees, faux plants, candles, and lights, any location could become a beautiful reception place.

Just remember that all invited guests are present because they want to celebrate the event with you and not to criticize your set-up…

6. Wedding Reception Drinks

Alcoholic drinks increase the whole cost of the reception. Consider a few drinks only; however, it is great to celebrate the wedding during early afternoon or morning because then alcohol is not usually needed.

7. Wedding Reception Music

Save some $1000 through erasing the thought of hiring a live band. Try to ask your close friends or relatives if somebody knows how to play instruments or knows how to act as a DJ.

This person might be willing to be in-charge of the needed music for the day at no cost at all.

8. Elderly guests

Even if the day is for the wed couple, think of your elderly guests also. Consider setting up a separate and quiet room for the older guests to enjoy themselves and an entertainment show for the children.

9. Wedding Reception Details

If you do not own the needed meal equipment for the reception and none of your family members own these, there is nothing to worry about because you can rent them anyway. The need to invest in these things is not critical, not unless you are thinking of putting up a catering service later on. Even this reception detail needs attention.

10. Wedding Reception Personal touches

This could consume your time; however, it is wonderful to have a wedding that is in tune with your personal wants. Enjoy the whole event. Take time to absorb all of the great memories; you’ll smile in the future if you will remember this day.

Do not allow your reception to bury you right under a large amount of debt. With just the right creativity and resourcefulness, you will be able to set-up an affordable yet beautiful wedding reception full of memories to last your lifetime.

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