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Never in a million years did I ever see myself where I am today.  A blogger who Writes content that leads to paying customers and a thriving business.

Maybe this is the direction you’re headed, trying so hard to make this blogging thing work for you but your head is spinning because writing content doesn’t come easy for you. Especially the type that will guarantee results in 2022

I feel your pain, I truly do which is why I wanted to write this post.

We’re wrapping up the first month of this new year 2022 and I’m bound and determined to get you well on your way to reaching all of your goals with your blog. The first thing we have to address though is your Content For Money.

No, I am not going to talk about On-Page SEO here…

It really really really needs to grab your readers attention. and while drafting website articles sometimes just focusing more on On-Page SEO makes you do some mistakes that any visitor will feel like “this is not kind of information he/she was looking for”.

For instance,

repeating focus/targeted keyword in the content improperly or just many times.

Yes, such mistake makes your blog post looks just stupid.

So how exactly do you do that?

That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post.

Who Are You Speaking To?

It’s been hammered into your head SO many times that you have to start by knowing who your target audience is, right!

Well duh!!!

If you’re building a business online then you have a specific niche that caters to a specific audience right!

So you definitely, and there is no room for error here at all, but you HAVE to be writing to your target audience.

But that’s not all.

Who in your target audience are you addressing specifically in each individual post.

What do I mean by that?

So let’s say you’re a health blogger and your specific niche is helping people get fit who only have about 30 minutes a day to exercise.

Let me just add that health is NOT my area of expertise so I’m winging it here!

Let’s say the audience you’re targeting is between the ages of 25 – 45 who are busy executives.


That could be a single Mom who is 35 years old and has limited time because after she finally arrives home from her 10 hour day job she still has to take care of her kids.

Or it could be the 28 year old who is trying to make partner so taking care of his health has been difficult due to time constraints…

Important Note:

“If you’re trying to appeal to your audience and help them with your post in a specific area then you need to address just one need at a time with just one person at a time…”

Maybe one post needs to speak to that single Mom with little time and another needs to speak to that busy guy who wants to stay healthy but barely has time to sleep.

When you address your content to a wide range of people then it ends up not really resonating with any of them.

You need to draw them in, speak just to them, address the problem they’re having right now and then give them that solution.

Speak to just them like you’re speaking to a good friend.  When they read your post makes it sound like you specifically are talking to that single Mom OR that busy guy and NO ONE ELSE.

Will other people resonate with what you’re sharing too?

Of course, they will but you’ll have much better results when you’re able to draw that Mom in, you feel her pain, you understand what she’s going through and boy do you ever have the solution for her.

Do you think when you’re able to accomplish that with your content that she’ll sign up for whatever it is you have that can help her?

You bet she will.


Please never play frauds with people some cloud be single moms…

Tell a Story, It Gets Them Every Time

Now I know you’ve heard this over and over again and even though you do NOT feel like you’re a good storyteller I bet I can prove you wrong.

So you’re building a business which means you already have your niche.  You’re obviously VERY good in that specific area or you wouldn’t be building a business around that right?

So let’s use the same health example as above and your specific niche is helping people learn how they can be healthy by just exercising 30 minutes a day.

If that’s the case then of course you KNOW YOUR STUFF right!

This means you KNOW what these people are going through, you KNOW what it means to want so desperately to be healthy or stay healthy with such little time.

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What you want to do in your post is not only address just one person at a time but share a story with them.

People connect SO well to stories.

Was there ever a time when you had this same issue?  If so then what did you say to yourself?  What were you feeling?  Were you desperate enough to find a solution?  Those are just a few of the things I’m sure you were feeling.

Apply that in a story.

Let me give you an example.

“As I walked in the door my phone was ringing.  I rushed over to pick it up and it was my friend Sheila.

She was in tears and gasping for air because she was SO upset.

She started explaining to me that she has been having these horrible anxiety attacks.  They are starting to really affect her life but her doctor said that if she just incorporated exercise into her life at least 5 days a week that her attacks would probably subside.  The problem is that she just doesn’t have the time.

What was she going to do?

She knew I was into fitness so she was really hoping I could help her figure this out.  Little did she know that I’ve perfected this exercise routine that could really help her in a short amount of time.

I told her that she needed to stop by the next day so I could show her how she could start making time for some exercises every single day and in no time at all get her anxiety issues under control.”


You can take real life events or use examples of things that have happened with people you know and incorporate them into a story to help that one person be able to relate.  Maybe you can use an example of a client or a story you’ve heard from someone else.

Something that will help that specific person relate to what they’re going through.

People relate to stories, they can put themselves in Sheila’s shoes, they feel her pain.  Maybe that post struck a cord with someone else who has the same issue and is eager to seek quick and easy ways to implement exercise into their life.

Do you see how easily that can actually be to do yourself?

Do you see yourself maybe telling more stories to that one specific person who has that one specific problem?

Focus On The Issue

So we know we have to write to our target audience and you need to take the time to figure out exactly who that is.

With each post you need to address just one specific person, incorporate a story in there so that they’ll be able to relate so much better and then address that one particular issue that they have.

Maybe you’re like me and this all comes so easily because I’ve been where my audience is.  I feel their pain, I’ve gone through some of the same things so I can definitely relate.

Can you relate to your audience’s needs?

Remember what you’ve always been taught previously is that people search out your content because they have a problem they need to be solved and they’re eager to find a solution.

Focus on just one problem at a time and think about what they’re dealing with emotionally due to this problem.

How can you help them and why should they listen to you!

If they follow your advice then what can they expect to achieve.

Think about those issues and then speak just to them.  By the time they’re finished reading your post they KNOW you’re the person who can help them.

It’s All About Them

Remember that people only care about themselves, they’re only reading your post because they have a problem and they want to know how they can fix it.

If you’re able to speak directly to them, help them relate to you even more all while having a solution for them then you’ve got them right where you want them.

It’s up to you to reel them in with your strong call to action.

That my friend is how you can guarantee results.

Will they instantly buy from you?

It’s uncommon that they’ll pull out their wallets the very first time although it can and has happened.  Most people are pretty cautious these days now.

Hey!!!! Don’t CHEAT….

They’re going to keep doing their research but your goal is to steer them back to you.

By speaking just to them and incorporating stories into your content where they FEEL you’re speaking just to them then that’s forming a connection, a bond with them that no one else is able to do.  If you let them know how much you truly care about helping them then they’re more likely to stick with you then go with someone who is only after their money and will leave them high and dry shortly thereafter.

Be the person that can and will help them.  That’s how you keep them coming back for more.

I’m eager to hear how you’re doing with your content as this month is wrapping up and if what I’ve shared with you here you’ve found helpful at all.

Be sure to let me know in the comments below and of course I’m eager to know how you’re doing…

Here’s to a rocking year my friend so let’s go get us some business shall we!

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