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WordPress tutorial On Getting Help With Most Common WordPress Problems

WordPress tutorial of+common+wp+mistakes

Wait Before You Do This!

Did something wrong and now your blog is all messed up? Do not worry, here is WordPress tutorial for beginners. You can easily get help for setting up a blog. However, when asking for help, you need to keep certain things in mind so that your problem is solved as quickly as possible. As a troublemaker and troubleshooter, I have learned a lot about the common blog and WordPress problems in last 2 years from WordPress tutorial for beginners. So, I thought I should share what I have learned about getting help for WordPress problems from WordPress tutorial video 2 years ago.

So, here is step by step process for identifying the problem and getting help at right place, let’s learn WordPress tutorial for beginners:

Identifying Your Last Action(s) is first thing in our WordPress tutorial for beginners:

Did you know how to set up a blog with error free properly? What was the last thing that you did before the problem happen without reading WordPress tutorial? And was it a new WordPress theme or WordPress plugin? Whatever it is, note it down.

The Most common causes of the best blog site problems are:

  1. Installing a new WordPress theme or plugin.
  2. Editing of an existing WordPress theme.
  3. Posting an article formatted in Microsoft Word.

If your problem is caused by any of the above reasons, it might not be a big issue. Asking at WordPress Support Forums or any other blogging related forum like Bloggeries or SitePoint will solve the problem.

However, if you were sleeping and woke up to see a new problem, this might be tricky. In this case, move on to next step of WordPress tutorial.

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2nd Suggestion of WordPress tutorial: Note down The Error Message

What error message is displayed on your best blog site? Two most common error types are:

  1. PHP Errors: You can identify these by looking for PHP messages like “the wrong syntax in line xxx” and similar error messages.  Usually, these are caused when editing a WordPress theme or after installing a WordPress plugin on your WordPress best blog site.
  2. Server Errors: Identify the an error by looking for codes like “Error 500: Internal Server Error” or “Server could not find the file specified”. And these are mostly caused by problems with your hosting company.

Decide Where to Ask, 3rd Suggestion of WordPress tutorial for beginners:

Now, you know the error type. Next is to decide who you should ask( WordPress websites builders). Your best options are:Asking-Question-in-Forums

  1. The Best Forums: If the problem is not really complicated, you can easily find the help in the good forums/Top forums. However, forums are mostly hit or miss cases. You will find the solution to problems 50% of times, but many times, your question might not be answered at all! That is so sad! Do not worry look at down line of our WordPress tutorial for beginners.
  2. The Freelancers: The Freelancers are quick and since they are experts, they can solve the problems easily. However, they are also a bit expensive. Sometimes, you might end up paying a lot for a small problem. Our venture WordPress Blog Experts can be a good place to start looking for help.
  3. Good Friends: They are quick and most of them won’t. Before going to a freelancer, they are the good option for you. Just make sure to not bother them quite frequently.

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Prepare the Questions, 4th Suggestion of WordPress tutorial for beginners:

Praper+the+question+and+answerNow that you know everything, your computer will fire a magic spell and all you know will be posted to relevant place automatically in such a manner that people can easily understand.

No! Just kidding. That is never going to happen.

Now, you have the most important thing to do: Prepare the Questions.

Why is it most important?

Because you might have done previous steps with 100% accuracy. But, the point is that, if you do not describe the problem well, even the best coder for won’t be able to help you at all.

So, let’s start with preparing the questions. Your questions must have following details:

  1. The Problem: What exactly is the problem? Recommended suggestion of WordPress tutorial for beginners: It is better if you take a screenshot and highlight it.
  2. The Action: What did you do that caused it? Write with all the details you remember.
  3. The Error Message: What error do you get?

Next step is to:

Clear Private Information, 5th Suggestion of WordPress tutorial for beginnlogin+Information+username+and+passworders:

Take a look at the error message. Most PHP messages may include your hosting panel username as they go like “Error at line xx in document.php in /home/your username/wp-content…”.

Now, exposing this info, especially the username of cPanel may be dangerous. So, better clear the personal data out first.

Ask the Questions, 6th turn of WordPress tutorial for beginners:

Now, go on and ask the questions. Where? Well, depends on the size of problem:


  1. My Whole Site Is Down: Ask on support forums. If no replies come within 15 minutes, ask a freelancer or friend, comment on our blog or contact your host.
  2. WordPress Design Is Broken But Site Is Accessible: Ask on a forum. If there are no replies within 6-12 hours, ask a friend or try to undo your last actions that caused the problem.
  3. Minor Problems, A Widget or Section Is Broken: Ask on a forum. If you do not get any replies within 1 day, ask a friend or on another forum. However, these problems are usually solved easily on a forum.

Final Words of WordPress tutorial for beginners:

I hope these steps help you to solve the problems with WordPress quickly. We will continue this WordPress Problems series post. Just Subscribe from blog Subscribe box, for Updates in you inbox.

Have any other tips or  Question? Do not forget to share in comments. And do bookmark using Delicious or StumbleUpon, who knows when the need arises!

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Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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