(WWDB) Ron Puryear and the World Wide Dream Builders (2022 Update)

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World Wide Dream Builders, also known as WWDB, is a great MLM Training System. I spent two and a half years of my life in Amway from 2002 to 2004. During that time, I learned lots of great things from WWDB. Even though I decided to leave Amway, I still respect and admire both companies. The lessons I learned during my time in Amway and WWDB continue to shape my life. 🙂

The purpose of this article is to provide you an overview of the WorldWide Dream Builders training system and tell you about my experiences. Let’s get started. World Wide Group is a business training system within the Amway business.

World Wide Dream Builders

Amway World Wide Dream Builders System
Mission Statement

Mission StatementAccording to the organization’s website, the mission statement is:

• To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the right environment through a Free Enterprise System.

• To encourage a life of excellence, with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world in building their own personal businesses and dreams.

• To impact our generation and generations to come with the truth that God created man

In my opinion, that’s a pretty powerful mission statement.

Ron Puryear and His Diamonds

The World Wide Dream Builders training system is used by distributors in Ron Puryear’s line of sponsorship. Ron Puryear joined the Amway business with his wife Georgia-Lee in 1972. Within 4 years they went diamond. By the end of that decade, they created Worldwide Dream Builders with the help of the legendary Bill Britt. Ron Puryear created the system to train and motivate his downline.

Since then, World Wide Dream Builders has grown significantly. According to recent numbers found on Amway Wikipedia, Ron Puryear has more than 500 downline diamonds throughout the world. Those numbers might have fluctuated a little, but I find that very impressive. Obviously, Ron knows how to build a large MLM downline, and he’s qualified to teach others to do the same.

World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) Diamonds

Some of the more successful Amway Diamonds associated with the Worldwide Dream Builders Diamonds are:

  • Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
  • Leonard and Esther Kim
  • Greg and Laurie Duncan
  • Brad and Julie Duncan
  • Dave and Jan Severn
  • Mike and Michi Woods
  • Mike and Barb Popovich
  • Howie and Theresa Danzik

While I was involved, Mike Popovich was my upline Diamond. He was a charismatic guy and great leader. My favorite Diamond was Dave Severn.


From what I’ve been told, WWDB Kate is owned by all the Diamonds within Ron’s downline. Each year, some of the top businesses sit on the WWDB Board of Directors and make decisions about the direction of WWDBand Like WDBJ. Apparently, all downline Diamonds share partial ownership in WWDB. This is what I heard on the tapes while I was a distributor. I’m not sure if the company policy has changed since then.

What The System Does

This MLM System provides business support materials such as tapes, books, and seminars to motivate and educate Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). These products are sold to downline IBOs for profit. While I was in, a tape cost $7. I’m not sure what they charge now. The tapes provide business training tips and motivation to help distributors learn business basics such as prospecting, recruiting, retailing products, and so forth.

The system provides a “Standing Order Tape” where Independent Business Owners would receive six tapes per month. This included one tape a week for two weeks and two tapes and week for the other two weeks. My total cost for these six types was $42. Looking back, I still think that was a great deal. I say that because I still buy generic business CDs such as Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, or Brian Tracy. These cd’s cost approximately $10 to $15 each.

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In addition to Standing Order Tape, you could also purchase books and other training materials. These items were sold for profit too. Next, WWDB App also hosted monthly training seminars locally in just about every state. These seminars normally cost $20-$40 per weekend. In addition, they also hosted quarterly seminars such as Free Enterprise Day, Spring Break, Family Reunion and Dream Night. These were the larger, regional seminars. In some cases, ten thousand or more Amway Independent Business Owners would attend. I always enjoyed the large seminars.

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Finally, the system also provided a toll-free voice broadcast, email Marketing, and fax line. The service allowed IBOs to send messages to their entire downline with the push of a button. It cost approximately $30 per month, depending on which service you used. I really enjoyed the service and understand the value of it.

How Much the System Costs

Here’s the review of the system we just covered, and what it would cost you each month:

  1. Standing order tape (6 tapes) $42
  2. Communicate Broadcast $30
  3. Local Seminar $30
  4. Major Seminars (Avg $30 per month) $30
  5. Books, Tapes, Extra Tools $20
  6. Total Average Monthly Cost $152

This number is an estimate, based on my experiences. On average, I invested $200 per month in business support materials while I was involved with World Wide Dream Builders. Some months I spent more and some months I spent less. It’s also important to remember that most IBOs never purchase any tools. Heck, most IBOs never sponsor a single person or sell one retail product, either.

When someone joins Amway, they get the option to receive their “educational tools” from their upline. Normally, the upline Platinum sits down with the new IBO to set goals and explain to them what it takes to succeed in Amway. During that counseling session, the Platinum IBO discusses the importance of purchasing tools and using the World Wide Dream Builders training system. Once again, please keep in mind that most new distributors don’t purchase or use the tools. In fact, only a small percentage of new distributors will buy the tools.

During my two years in the business, I purchased lots of tools, because I understood the value of them. I wanted to build a large business. And I was willing to do “whatever it takes” to succeed. When any entrepreneur starts a business, he or she must educate themselves. It’s vital to success. However, education is only PART of the success. The other key is applied knowledge. Simply put, you must apply what you learn, or you will fail. 🙁

The World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) Controversy

mike-popovich- The WWDB ControversyThe major controversy over the “system” and “tools” in the Amway business is that some Diamonds make more money promoting their tools than they do with their Amway business. This might be true with some Diamonds. However, most new distributors don’t know that. While I was in, I didn’t have a problem with my upline make money off the tools. After all, when I buy books, tapes or a seminar somewhere else, the bookstore or Seminar MLM Company makes a profit.

Remember, no system is a guarantee of success. Even if the system is good, you must follow it and do what it says. Otherwise, you will fail. In the Amway business, many people blame the system for their failure. Don’t believe that lie. Think about how many people purchase a weight loss book, but never apply what they learn. When they don’t lose weight, they blame the book. However, if you take a closer look, you will realize they never “applied” the information from the book. The secret to success is anything is to gain knowledge and apply the knowledge. 🙂

Final Thoughts For World Wide Dream Builders

If you are currently involved with the World Wide Dream Builders, I applaud you. Worldwide Dream builders is a great MLM training system. My only advice to you doesn’t to think WWDB is the solution to your success in Amway. It’s not. It’s only part of your success. The only way to achieve true success in Amway or any other MLM Company is to educate yourself and then go out and sponsor new reps, get retail customers and repeat the process every month. You can listen to all the tapes in the world and attend every seminar, but eventually, you need to apply what you learn. Go, Diamond!

On a side note, if you are currently (or formerly) involved with World Wide Dream Builders, why not share your story? Share your experiences with the rest of the world by filling out the web-form below. Let others know about your experiences. 🙂 Thank’s

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