Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Family Business 2023

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For some people, a family business is the best type of business to establish. On the contrary, a family-owned company is just similar to any other business. It also has a fair share of advantages and disadvantages: Read this article and determine the drawbacks and benefits of working for your own family business.

The Advantages:

Solid trust

If you’re working for a family business, you don’t have to worry about trust issues anymore. Unlike being an employee of another company, you still have to exert extra efforts just to gain the trust of your boss.

Tax advantages

Working for a family business will also spare you from various tax concerns. Often times, tax payments are reduced if a company is owned and run by a family.

Name and reputation

If your business already has a good track record, you will surely be extra proud of your surname. You haven’t exerted any efforts yet, but you already carry the surname that’s full of positive feedback. Working in your family company will further increase that reputation.

Less pressure

Try to imagine a business with no problems regarding shares and dividends. That is quite possible if you’re working for your family business. You can easily re-invest your cash from your own business when the going gets tough.

Less training time

The best Advantages and Disadvantages would be less time on training. Unlike other businesses, working on a family Run company doesn’t require you to undergo training.

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The Disadvantages:


Because it is a family business, expect that you will have to deal with jealousy from other employees. Other family members and relatives may also be jealous especially when it comes to the promotion and salary increase. This is something that’s hard to avoid when running a family business.

Sudden loss

According to experts, it’s easier for a family member to steal from their own company; rather than an employee to steal from a company he doesn’t own. This is because family Run companies are overstuffed with trust that they don’t keep a close eye on financial status.

Personal problems

Your niece, who’s the Head Supervisor of the marketing division, might be dealing with marital problems. And him coming to work with that aura surely affects his ability to make decisions. Long story short, your company is in jeopardy.


Because this is a family business, being promoted is not difficult. However, there are some cases where family members tend to be promoted despite their incompetency. If you know you’re not ready for the position, it’s wise to decline any promotions, otherwise, suffer the consequences.

Invisible rules

Family Owned companies are also prone to rules and regulation concerns. No matter what type of rules you put up, if other members tend to be stubborn, those rules will be useless. That is why you have to be extra firm when creating new regulations for your business.

It is a fact that working in a family Owned business is easier than applying to another company. However, you should also take into consideration the drawbacks that are entailed. Be sure to weigh things carefully before making your final decision.

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