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Hi mate, I feel glad you landed on this page. The Name was chosen as Syed Parvez Ali (SY Abuzar is his nickname and he is famous with this name.) founder of BlogRankSEO.com and handling over 9+ other blogs, websites, and services. He was born on March 24th, 1995 in Maharashtra, India.

SY Abuzar is a Professional Blogger from Maharashtra and Professional SEO Consultant. Some bloggers call him mad blogging Scientist(lol! just fun).



How SY Abuzar Starts blogging?

When he was flowing from he first-year study of Mechanical Engineering to 2nd year he watched a video on YouTube about How To Upload Videos On YouTube. And, he also watched a suggested video from YouTube’s sidebar about How To Earn Money With YouTube? That was a turning point in his blogging life. He achieved his goal in blogging after a few couple of time.

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SY Abuzar’s Childhood:

He was born and rises up in a lower economically backward condition third class family. The money was always a little big problem in his life before like other of the same condition. He was very subconscious from his childhood.  Trust me, the only thing he knew while he was a child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics area. And he was a good student since the beginning. That is not means he was always on top either it might be in school or my college. Because, there were lots of hard workers than he.

After he done his Study in Mechanical Engineering my with his good he decided to take up his next level and  try to get a good job in some reputed NDT.

Earlier in 2010, he started taking the interest in E-Technology, (computers, internet, hacking, etc. ).  And he found that it a very easy and cool thing to grab fast because everyone is developing very fast towards information technology.