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Hi mate, I feel glad you landed on this page. The Name was chosen as Muhammad Tabish CEO and founder of BlogRankSEO.com and handling over 9+ other blogs, websites, and services. i was born on May 4th, 1995 in Karachi, Pakistan.

I’m a Professional Blogger from Pakistan and Professional SEO Consultant. Some bloggers call him a mad blogging Scientist(lol! just fun).

Muhammad Tabish


How I Start My blogging Career?

When I was flowing from my first-year study of Mechanical Engineering to 2nd year i watched a video on YouTube about How To Upload Videos On YouTube. And, i also watched a suggested video from YouTube’s sidebar about How To Earn Money With YouTube? That was a turning point in my blogging life. i achieved my goal of blogging a couple of time.

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My Childhood:

I was born and rises up in a lower economically backward condition third class family. The money was always a little big problem in my life before like other of the same condition. I was very subconscious from my childhood.  Trust me, the only thing I knew while I was a child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics area. And I was a good student since the beginning. That is not mean I was always on top Either it might be in school or college. Because there were lots of hard workers than i.

After I did My Study in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to take up the next level and try to get a good job in some reputed NED.

Earlier in 2010, I started taking the interest in E-Technology, (computers, internet, hacking, etc. ).  And I found that it is a very easy and cool thing to grab fast because everyone is developing very fast towards information technology.

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