Lifetime Hosting Review 2022 – Pay Once Host Forever (no renewal fee)

Last Updated on October 3, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

What is Lifetime.Hosting? Are you exhausted from paying a monthly Web hosting renewal fee to keep your hosting and Domain live?

Do you want to end upsetting about stupid renewals fee, and focus on ranking and effectively managing your business website or blog?

Are you bushed by the awkward slow loading speed of your website?

Well, these problems are general among web owners. If you are facing same issues, congratulation for the reason that you came to an accurate page of web hosting information where I’m going to tell you about a new hard to believe hosting called Lifetime.Hosting. It’s not only a perfect solution of all of the mentioned problems above but it brings you lots of great benefits as well.

To know what they are, keep reading this Lifetime.Hosting Review


The introduction of Lifetime.Hosting:

Lifetime.Hosting is a Web hosting Lifetime.Hosting launched in August 2016 where you only pay once for hosting services, instead of paying month-after-month. With just one-time payment it provides the similar features (for Lifetime) of any other reliable hosting company for example 24/7 support, unlimited emails, unlimited subdomains, free website builder, Cpanel, essential software and more without paying the monthly renewal fee. Visit official offer page here


Lifetime.Hosting gives best Web Hosting service and 2 Domain name for the lifetime without any monthly or yearly renewal charges. Check them out here.

That sounds Crazyyy!

Nowadays, the hosting industry has turned into so much competition with the fast-growing Internet to each part of the world.

To having an individual or business website or blog, you should own a domain name and web hosting server. And the fact is that both cost money and involve a monthly/yearly fee.

Lifetime.Hosting Platinum 12

The fact is the domain name and web space are not only a matter but you also require several necessary elements around your hosting to make sure your business website is constantly accessible to prevent interruption of visitors and business. This consist of various important services and tools like backup services and tools, email services, security tools (to keep safe from hackers attack), etc

All of these come in a 24/7 maintenance package that validates whichever monthly/yearly charges. That’s because your all files are hosted on remote servers (Computer hardware and software) that require a regular update and upgrade.

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In addition, these important services and tools are controlled through well-trained qualified employees working round the clock for getting the salary.

Nobody has yet risen to challenge web hosting and domain name renewal charges for evident reasons.  Once you pay money for web hosting, you look forward to having everything you pay for. If you late/fail to renew your Web hosting on a fixed time, your services will get suspended and you can’t take any legal action against hosting company.



Let’s take a deep look at several of the things they’re offering in packages:

First, you will pay once…

No recurring monthly/yearly fee for lifetime.

Yes, for the lifetime.

But what special do you get in the’s package?

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You’ll get Following Features in Lifetime.Hostin Offer:

1- Two Domain Registrations for Lifetime with their Privacy

Lifetime Hosting Review => When you’ll purchase any Lifetime.Hosting package (Platinum package recommended), you’ll also get 2 absolutely free domains for the lifetime. However, the only following domains extensions are permitted:


That means if you want a domain name with such extension, .com, .net, .org, .info, etc, then you can pay an additional domain name fee during purchasing hosting (but their free domain extensions are good as they represent particular standard niche like for business and for educational websites).

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2 – Mobile / Responsive Site Builder

Do not worry about hiring an expensive web developer to create a company or small business site. With their latest and superior, drag and drop site builder, you can easily create a mobile-friendly website. With no trouble, you can create web forms, voting polls, web pages, beautiful menus, photos galleries, etc.

3- $395 in Advertising Credits

For generating money from the website you need targeted traffic and that’s why they’re giving these Advertising Credits so that you can run your campaign for getting highly targeted visitors:

  1. $50 Bing (no deposit),
  2. $50 Amazon Sponsored Product (no deposit),
  3. $20 Bidvertiser (no deposit),
  4. $100 Perfect Audience Retargeting (no deposit),
  5. $100 Youtube ($25 deposit),
  6. $75 Google Adwords ($25 deposit).


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4 – 5 GB Lifetime Remote Backup Storage

Backup is a very serious required option in web hosting. However, backup tools are normally not free. They come with an extra bill. But in Lifetime.Hosting they are providing up to 5 GB lifetime storage space per client. If you need extra storage space, you can pay extra for it (normally, 5 GB storage space is sufficient).

Yes, 5 GB Free Lifetime cPanel Backups, PIP Storage for WP Backups, desktop Backups etc… Every web host TOS state you are not permitted to store backups. Us too… Now they are providing a better solution.


5 – 3,000 Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Images speak a 1000x more loudly than text. As every blog/website and online project need high-quality images to get readers attention, instead of paying $1-$5/picture, Lifetime.Hosting has done a very good job for their customer of licensing a deal with their various Stock Photo suppliers to provide you with 3,000 Royalty-Free high-quality pictures…

A web page without eye catchy graphics is a place of laziness.

You’re permissible:
  • to download,
  • to modify as you wish,
  • to use them anywhere (even in commercial applications.)

There is no headache of image attribution and modification.


That’s not End

Here are some extra Lifetime.Hosting things you’ll find in their packages:

  • Unlimited Email Accounts (unlimited 500 MB email accounts, forwarders, and auto-responders)
  • Applications & Tools (Install WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, etc)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Enterprise RAID Storage
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support

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Lifetime Hosting Also Giving 3 Hot Bonuses:


What’s One Time Cost of Lifetime.Hosting?

There are three packages check them below:

  1. Bronze: $19.95 paid once for 1 website
  2. Silver: $67 paid once for 4 websites (recommended)
  3. Platinum: $97 paid once for 12 websites (highly recommended from me)


Recommendation: As you’re going to pay only one time then why not to buy a Platinum package for 12 websites because it’s for a lifetime.

These are promotional costs so you should take action fast to get benefit from them.

Note: If you have now only one blog or static website, you can also purchase their Bronze Plan for only $19.95 paid once. This plan has a capacity of 250 MB SSD-Optimized Storage.


What’s their refund policy?

Their refund policy is very good for your defense. In case you feel Lifetime.Hosting isn’t good enough (within 30 days of use), you’ll get the complete refund of your money after contacting the support team for the refund – including the domain name.

Here is what I think…

I would like to finish this Lifetime.Hosting review by telling you my opinion.

I own a few blogs and websites online; I also pay a monthly fee like other webmasters for web hosting and yearly charges for the domain name. Their services are pretty good and I don’t complain. As a matter of fact, this Blog Rank SEO blog is at present being hosted by Bluehost Hosting and I pay $24/month.

However, I’m going to give Lifetime.Hosting a try. I will host my bunch of blogs and websites there. From what I observe, they should be good for a try.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about Lifetime.Hosting …

Drop a comment below and let’s gossip. If you like this post, share it on social media too…


Lifetime.Hosting is the best Hosting where you pay once. A single one-time payment, instead of paying a month-after-month renewal fee plus 2 domain name registration for the lifetime.
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