How To Write A SEO Optimized Article in 2024

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SEO Optimized Article is not rocket science, but it is important to choose the right approach and take into account the guidelines used by Google. Good SEO texts help improve the visibility and your visitors by offering valuable content from your website. You trust as it were the expertise of Google to reward your website for that valuable content.

Make Sure to Keep The Following Elements In Your Mind While Writing SEO Optimized Article:

  • Write for your visitors
  • Use the right keywords
  • Create value for your visitor
  • Optimize SEO texts
  • Provide adequate promotion
  • SEO texts should be written for your visitors

How to Write A Good SEO Content/SEO-Optimized Article?

what is SEO writing?

Do you want to write good SEO content writing? Make sure that you do not write for the search engine, but write for the visitors. That may sound strange, but the trick is to adjust the text (article writing) for the visitors that matters the most. It is, therefore, wise to think about how you want to bring information to the visitor, based on the content he or she needs.

SEO optimized Article

You notice that many visitors have questions regarding the specifications of your products and their use? Use blog posts to answer these types of questions. You have noticed that visitors find it difficult to compare specific products well together, so write reviews to help them do so.

Think beyond the initial information needs of the visitor, and write SEO content that will rank well in Google. Improving visibility in Google is only the first step, think about the “steps” that will make your visitor to eventually take over the valuable content in touch with you. And if you really like to earn money from Google Adsense then, just focus on content quality, not on quantity.

Use Of Keywords In SEO Optimized Articles (SEO Article Writing):

Nevertheless (despite what has just been said or referred to), on the other hand, of course not mean that you should use the right keywords in SEO Optimized Article. In fact, it is still the right keywords that help you create a text easy to find. Google is getting stronger in semantics, therefore, manages more and more in order to understand the content of an article. However, it is still the generic and specific keywords that help search engine to determine what an article is about.

Make sure you get to the website as a whole and chooses about 3-5 main keywords. Which may be generic keywords “the short-tail keywords”, which is one word or a combination of two words. You can also choose the general description of a service or product, that you going to work on product pages, service pages, category pages or blog posts. Therefore, always choose one specific keyword per page. It is a long-tail keyword, a combination that may contain multiple words. You can use a very high popular tool called long tail Pro, to search best long tail keyword


SEO Optimized Articles Tips

SEO articles you write for your visitors using the right keywords should send a clear message about the value. Make sure that you shall inform the visitor within the industry, use certain products or give answers to frequently asked questions. In this way, you ensure that the visitor actually is on SEO text. You therefore not only meet the Google guidelines but can also ensure that you increase the organic link-building of your site.

Visitors do have valuable information that would be more beneficial if they place a link to your content, which the SEO values to improve your visibility in search engines.

Also in product text, category pages and even on the home page, it is important to provide valuable information. SEO texts with appropriate (suitable) keywords are only valuable when the visitor actually gets the required information. The continuous updates and tweaks within the Google algorithm are aimed at the sites that provide the most valuable text.

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Optimizing SEO Texts

A valuable text does need text to be SEO optimized so make sure you include the keyword in the following places:

  • In the URL of the page
  • In the title (H1)
  • In the introduction
  • In the subtitles (H2, H3, etc.)
  • In the rest of your article

Try keyword 1 – 2x per 100 letting words come a little less if you write a long article. We call this the keyword density and express it as a percentage. Use 1-2% of your SEO text, so that the text reads natural and Google nevertheless (despite what has just been said or referred to) has plenty (enough or more than enough) to understand, what a text is about.

During the optimization of your SEO text, make sure that you are writing a good SEO title and Meta description, in which you can, of course, use the most important keyword and any related term.

Quick Checklist Of SEO optimized articles:

  • Post title for search engine & readers (Keep post title attractive with catchy keyword like best, top, killer, etc.)
  • Short Post permalink (Don’t use stop words from permalink)
  • Anchor text: Interlinking with the relevant post (Anchor text should contain focus keyword of that post)
  • SEO-friendly images: Use Alt text in every image (use keyword in an Alt text)
  • Post Meta Description (Use target keyword and focus keyword once for better CTR)
  • Post Meta keywords (leave it blank, whatever some blogger use it)
  • Outbound links: Outgoing links to the relevant & authentic resources within every blog article (It is one of Google’s crawling factors)


Tips For Preparation And Promotion SEO Text:

Make sure your SEO text resists a neat layout so that they are legible (describes writing or print that can be read easily) and in a pleasant way, meets the information needs of your visitor. Furthermore, you work with a neat look to the reliability (the quality) of your website. Once the visitor has landed on your website, then make sure it leads him to the reliability.


Finally, it is important to promote your SEO text, for example through social media. Link blog articles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook or Google+ depending on the profiles that you actively use. The greater the range of your text, the more Google will pick it up.

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Conclusion SEO Optimized Article:

On the basis of these different elements ensure that your SEO text provides maximum value to your visitors, and is also in line with what Google webmasters require, so your website inherits proper optimization. As you can see in this quality content I have coupled some meanings of different words for weak English speakers.


What is SEO optimized article writing?

Writing SEO optimized articles involves using keywords and phrases to help improve the visibility of a website in search engine results.

How do I write an optimized SEO blog post?

To write an optimized SEO blog post, research and use relevant keywords, structure the content in a clear and logical way, and include internal and external links.

What is SEO content writing examples?

SEO content writing examples include blog posts, articles, and website pages that are written with the goal of improving a website’s visibility in search engine results. These pieces of content typically include targeted keywords and phrases and are designed to be helpful and informative for readers.

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