5 Killer Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Within Less Time in 2023

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by Muhammad Tabish

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Backlinks nothing but High Quality Backlinks planet.

Do you have a Planet for the Inventions? I mean a Blog or Website for not only making money online but also for something unique creation. Do not think it is the National Aeronautic Space And Administration (NASA) study.

Get-High-Quality-BackLinks-For-best-Blog-SiteIf you are not a new guy on this planet, means in the blogging field, then you probably already know that nowadays building High Quality Backlinks is one of the most important, and at the same time, most time-consuming things. Some days ago I have posted an article about “Important Things To Know Before Building Backlinks” that clears the concept about what things are good and bad for making free backlinks. You should read it for preventing your blog from Google’s Algorithms.

Here are some of the unique and self-tested methods to get more free High Quality Dofollow backlinks while spending relatively less time:

 1- Add A Link To This Post Or Page Box In Each Article’s Footer:

Possibly, lost of your Blog or Website visitors may also have a website or blog, right? But remember that not everyone of them know good HTML. Because nowadays, mostly bloggers use Content Management System (CMS) for their blogs/websites.

So even if they like to link to your blog articles, they can’t do this because they don’t know how to do that. So by creating a beautiful “link to this article box” in your blog sidebar through an HTML widget, helps them for doing this. The codes are below:

<textarea rows=”3″ cols=”50″ onclick=”select();”><a href=”http://www.yoursiteurl.com/the-best-article-ever.html”>Your Article Title</a></textarea>


If you are using a WordPress CMS for your blog, then you should use below code to automatically generate the box.


<textarea rows=”3″ cols=”50″ onclick=”select();”><a href=”&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?>


Note: Make sure that this code is in the WordPress loop/style.


2- Dominate High Page Result Discussion Forums (recommended 1st for High Quality Backlinks):

According to Darren Rose founder of the ProBloggers, “mostly bloggers doesn’t have the perfectly right list of high PR forums”.

First collect all high PR discussion forums and make a list of them. Then register one by one and start Questioning/answering participating in the various discussions forums and try your best level to answer and post links to your site while solving others problems. Also, don’t forget to add your site URL in your forum’s signature.

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  3. High PR Forums List for Making High Quality Free Backlinks

3- Take Profit From Bad Guys/Bloggers For Free Backlinks:

bad+guy+scrapperDo you have The RSS feed for your best blog site? Probably you have it. Then you should put some links of your best blog site or at least, one link to your best blog site or Website. There are lots of websites that automatically scrap (publish) contents from different blog or sites’ RSS feeds. They can steal your work whether you like it or not. So, if you have a link to your own blog in the content (article), then, at least, you’ll get a few free backlinks from them.

Trust me! By doing this action, you’ll get thousands of free backlinks from scrapers. Yes! This isn’t very high-quality links but, still they are not of very poor quality. If you are gonna be scrapped means someone steal your work, then you might as well get some links out of that 😀 In other words, “by adding a link back to your site in the post the blogger who steals your content and publishes it on their own best blog site or website, will generate a backlink pointing to your blog. There seems to be so many of copied content nowadays but a lot has to do with the ever increasing number of websites that are started daily”.

Note-1: Ensure that all your articles are interconnected through interlinking in one way or the other.

Note-2: You can use TYNT WordPress plugin to automatically put the link to your article.

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4- Very Popular The Twisted Article Directory Method:

Publishing articles on the most popular article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles is a key of getting links back. I know it is not like a puzzle game to get approved for the articles. Once they approved your article, then you will continuously see so many back links to your site. As many bloggers publish articles/entries from some famous article directories and due to TOS of article directories, they have to keep your links in the article.

5- The Customary Quality Content Advice that’s good Backlinks:

You probably know writing quality content is not a newer technique. But believe me, if you daily spend few hours for a creation of high quality content or at least, good content, most likely, it may be the only thing you need to do as some people will automatically link back to quality content. Do You Need Authority PBN Backlinks for Event Blogging? If yes Then Check My PBN Backlinks Service

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