25 Essential Free Blogging Tools - Make Blogging Easy [2022 Updated]

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25 Essential Free Blogging Tools – Make Blogging Easy [2022 Update]

Blogging is only fun when you own a number of Blogging Tools for Beginners to make your work stress-free.

Whether you’re blogging to share your facts or to push your business, blogging is one of the most effective way to connect with the outer world.

Have you only worried about getting a huge blog audience, not about the right blog tools?

By making use of 25 important free online blogging tools for eCommerce, you can do things way faster by spending less time and be extra productive. By doing so you’ll also increase your blog revenue and generate an unfailing income from blogging.

Here is the deal: Having a great blog post topic in mind alone won’t solve your difficulties or drive organic traffic!

This is a personal recorded list of 25 free “blogging tools for teaching” that you can jump using today to improve not just writing quality and visuals.

List of 25 Essential free Blogging Tools 2022

1- Click to Tweet


Click to Tweet is that one magnificent online blogging tools for adding beautiful Click To Tweet boxes in your blog posts. How does it work is explained in the above image.

You may have seen those beautiful Click To Tweet boxes in my blog posts, here is one sample.


2- Hootsuite

A single person can’t handle every social media account together, but you can’t ignore the importance of social signals as well.

So, how to manage all social media accounts of your blog?

It is where Hootsuite comes under the light. It’s one of the most accepted social media schedulers you can get without spending a penny.

It allows you to schedule your blog post share time on various social media so that you don’t need to worry about doing it.

3- Buffer

Buffer is another most efficient social media management tool that I’ve ever used. Despite the fact Hootsuite has extra supported networks and is superior to Buffer, I personally experienced Buffer is easier to use (you may find Hootsuite easier).

Just like any content scheduling tool, you can effortlessly add your social media accounts and jump scheduling your posts time. It also lets you see a short examination that helps you A/B test your headline versions.

You should watch Buffer’s feature Introduction video below:


Social Media Management Platform | Buffer

4- Ahalogy

Have ever heard of Pinterest? I am sure you have. I still use it for my website images. It’s a very good medium for huge traffic for many bloggers. Unfortunately not for everybody. In case you don’t have its premium version then you won’t be able to schedule Pinterest pins from Buffer.

This is where Ahalogy comes to solve this mystery. Now you free to schedule every single one your pins to your personal and community boards so easily.

Though, first you have to get accepted by Ahalogy to begin using it. And, that’s so easy you just need to fill a simple form here.

Once you get accepted, you need to put a code to track your outcomes. If this is code thing troubling you, just download the Ahalogy WordPress plugin and it’ll push your content to your Pinterest account automatically.

5- WhoisHostingThis.com


If you want to know who is the admin of a blog and what web hosting he/she is using? Or maybe you just need to contact a domain owner but can’t find the contact details for requesting to remove the blog content he/she republished from your blog?

WhoisHostingThis.com helps you to see all these details except that person is using a Whois Guard (normally, bloggers don’t use the shield of Whois Guard).

Important note: In case someone stole your blog content read this article to file a Google DMCA against him.

6- BuzzSumo

Blogging game is just all about the big number of audience you get in the end, so picking the right topic to write about is the key and that’s what a hook.

Hey, What if I tell you that you can get a topic that 100% has the potential to go viral if you? That is what BuzzSumo is for.


It’s so simple to use it and that’s what makes it one of my much-loved free blogging tools.

There you not only catch great ideas and data, it fixes you to topical relevance. So, you don’t go off subject while searching for topics.

Just look at the above screenshot of the example of the topic that anybody can tell that those topics for posts are going to get you huge social exposure.


The Fact: Many bloggers are familiar with BuzzSumo but not using as they running after links building…

There is its pro (paid) version but this blog free tool would be sufficient for you.

An Image Speaks More Than Hundreds Of Words

7- Full Page Screen Capture

As the name explains the job, getting a screenshot of a particular area on a page is too simple and everybody knows the process of doing it but taking a screenshot of a full page is a pain in the ass.

But now, no more pain…

It’s a chrome browser’s extension (there is also one Firefox users) that allows you to capture full page in both image and PDF format as you wish even when you don’t have an internet connection.

I know this is insane!


8- Pixabay, Flickr, and Pexels!

An image speaks more than Hundreds of words. Visual contents are great when it comes to keeping visitors busy reading every parts of your blog post.

It includes high quality images, videos, animations, etc.

You see I also use a lot of images and Thrive Architect Plugin (content editor plugin) to make my articles stand out of the box…

But finding free HD yet lightweight images that like a dream match your blog content can be a challenging task. To help you find free stock photo (Royalty Free Stock Photos), Pixabay, Flickr, and Pexels offers millions of HD images free with no copyright restrictions (License-free stock photo).


Honest request: kindly add photo credit below every image if you’ve used images from any of these free sources of high quality images to makes your content looks more professional (I’ve not given any credit here because all these images are screenshots).

Go check out:

9- Canva

Are you afraid of Photoshop software?

You don’t need to be a master of Photoshop to create stunning blog post feature images, Infographics or other kind of graphics…

Majority of bloggers love Canva because of its amazing drag-and-drop feature.


Did you know it’s highest used online photo editing tools the in the world?

Canva has everything from professional layouts to amazing design graphics that you need for creating your personal stunning feature images.

There are millions of HD images, hundreds of fonts, thousands of free icons and beautiful shapes, and remarkable photo filters; Canva is no doubt the supreme precious photo editing tool online.

Here is an example of Infographics made via Canva


I’d like to see one more beautiful Infographics about the ​domain names facts that are really insane

10- PiktoChart

Again, you don’t have to know any Photoshop tool or other such photo editors to create a beautiful Infographic.

Using PiktoChart, you can create beautiful Infographics for free.

Nowadays Infographics are getting trendy day by day; you must start this free blog tool to create beautiful Infographics for free before it’s too late…

11- Grammarly

Is English your 2nd language and you make grammatical mistakes like me?

Growing up in a typical Pakistani family where no speak a word of English properly, I can’t speak English fluently and sometimes I make some grammatical mistakes.

I can’t do anything about where I grow but I can correct my any grammatical error with Grammarly because Posts with tons of grammar mistakes can make a reader lose curiosity in reading further. Some might not even bother visiting your blog next time. So, take care to run grammar test for blog article before publishing it.


Grammarly is #1 used online best grammar checker. It verifies the spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, alternatives, style, etc. All you just have to copy your content & paste it into Grammarly’s online grammar checker box.

This is what I do: You can also add this tool to both the Chrome browser and Firefox browser and it’ll mark your writing mistakes whenever you’ll write something online you can correct them with just one click.


Free Tools to increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Title and Headlines are the bread and butter of High-Quality content that not only catches a visitor’s attention; it’s the key source of increasing click-through rate

Here are some ultimate Free Tools to increase click-through rate:

12- SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

The Beauty of this blog writing tool is that no matter you are doing blogging via WordPress or Blogger (Blogspot), it’s available in two formats, one is a plugin for WordPress user and the second one is web version which anybody can use.

You just have to type in your seed keyword and find a group of post title ideas.

You can also modify the headlines if you think I’d make it looks more convincing.

To get more post title ideas, you need to submit your email. And, it’ll deliver the list of titles directly to your mailbox.


13- Link Bait Title Generator

You may think that you got SEOPressor Blog Title Generator then why another stone for the same purpose!

Well, it’s not a stone that will make any burden.

Every tool even for the same thing has different properties and works completely different…

So basically, it generates headlines that have potential get the massive click. If you run an entertainment niche blog, you’ll love this free blog tool.

Note: One or two title ideas from the result might be very crazy but this is what gets the job done for an entertainment niche blog.


14- Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

According to one of “Psychology Today” article, customer outcome is very much affected by emotion. Through this tool, you can check the emotion influence of any headlines.

It is simple yet terribly powerful blog tool free in the market, anybody can use it.


You just need to do is type the headline and select a suitable category. You’ll get an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score that describes the emotional credibility of your headline.

37.50% may be bad as a figure. But if you look strongly, everything above 50% is considered the best. So, if you’ve whatever score within that range, you are doing great.

15- Headline Optimizer

No one likes to read a large amount of text unless it’s worthy to read in real. That’s what you have to keep in mind when writing an article that whatever your blog topic is visitor first read headings from the whole article and will read those paragraphs with eye-catchy headlines.

Fortunately, there are numerous of free blog tools available for this purpose and Headline Optimizer is one hell of them which will analyze you heading and give best possible outcome.


Keyword Research Tools for SEO

16- Google Keyword Planner

No blogger will disagree with me if I say Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is most astounding and popular free keyword research tool out there for doing off-page SEO because I believe every blogger have used Google Keyword Planner (GKP) to find LSI keywords at the beginning of their blogging journey.

I still use it with some other free keyword research tools…

Google Keyword Planner will show you how popular the keyword is you want to target and what is competition for it. It’ll also give you a handsome good number of variations AKA LSI to your keywords, followed by average monthly hits, level of competition (low, medium or high), avg. cost per click, and much more.


Bonus tip: You can use this tool for finding more blog post topic ideas by doping your competitor’s URL into keyword planner’s search box.

        Big Blogging Mistake

SEO has become a quite rumourous practice with the bloggers in recent years. Majority of bloggers doing Search Engine Optimizations their self and consider they are doing it right.

No, they aren’t doing it completely right.

SEO manager, SEO executive, SEO analyst or SEO engineer all are different people than bloggers.

Yet, a blogger defiantly can do SEO to save extra bucks just like a lot of Indian bloggers but they are really good at it as they have spent so much time and energy learning it.

Maybe you’re wondering you don’t have time to improve SEO of your blog but you want more people to see your blog articles as possible.

Well, SEO (organic traffic) is not the only way out there to bring visitors to your blog/website.

Apart from this, you can hire us to do the SEO job while you do the other creative work. We offer SEO and other services at a very affordable budget. Contact Us if you don’t want to waste time.

17- SEMrush

SEMrush is just not like other tools. It’s a multi-functional tool which not only allows you to do keyword research so easily but you can analyze your domain name and your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rankings.

Many bloggers recognize it as a perfect Spay tool to know:

  • Competitors ranked keywords
  • Competitor’s backlinks
  • Competitor’s paid campaigns
  • Competitors blog post that getting more hits and why, and much more.

Just look at the sample screenshot below & click to enlarge:


This is so much value!

That’s why its free version has some limits. You can’t use it more than a few times with limited features, but you can get a Free Trial of the premium plan.

If you aren’t looking for spending money on it and just want to use its free version despite with the limited features, but wondering about its daily limit.

Don’t worry!

I can tell you a trick by which you can use it more than beyond daily limit as many times as you want daily.

Note: Don’t forget to Subscribe BlogRankSEO to get such amazing tricks that can save $$$ and precious time.

That trick is our next tool, check it…

18- Browsec – Browser VPN Extension


Browsec hides your true location from the sites you visit. In some countries sites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and so on are banned but you can access them now using Browsec – bowser free VPN Extension.

But how this going to help you use SEMrush beyond its daily limits!

Well, this free VPN extension is a little different however it only gives 4 countries location access but not the same IP address every time you use it.

Yes, when you turn it off then again on with the same country it changes your IP address every time so this is how you gonna use SEMrush again and again.

19- Answer the Public


I’m pretty much sure, you have seen that Google enlist answers feature!

Listen if you can provide as much answer as possible to the question someone searching on google about query then you can get a massive amount of traffic but first you need to know what peoples are searching about a particular query, right?

That’s where Answer the Public comes in.

This is a remarkable search query tools that I’ve found a few months back. It fetches and shows Google suggestions based on visualization just after you drop in a keyword.

It categorized Result listings to three different parts:

  1. Question: what, who, when, why?
  2. Preposition: for, like, with
  3. Alphabetical: keyword + a, keyword + b

Just click on the image to zoom it:


20- Google Analytics

If you are serious about blogging, it is very important to keep eyes on your blog’s performance statistics. In case, you are going to work for a company, you must know It’s the industry standard to report regarding blog’s statistics, demographics, and analytics on a time and this where you’ll thank me later that this Google Analytics tool is perfect for this job. Setting up Google Analytics is not a difficult job (anybody can do it).

Google Analytics (GA) is the most admired & most used visitor tracking tool. And yes, it’s completely free of cost.

It not only shows accurate statistics on traffic, but it also tracks virtually everything a cookie can collect on every single visitor.


It helps you check the accurate number of live traffic of your blog.

With the amazing variety of features you can monitor visitor’s behavior, number of visitors every day, most visited pages, unique visitors, returning visitors, country and city, age, gender, the source of traffic, social media buttons, and much more.

21- GTMetrix – Free Blogging Tool

I won’t say that the speed of a site is a major factor of ranking in today’s fast internet era but still in some place user don’t have that good speed of the internet. So yes, it’s an important factor for good user experience (user experience is the engagement factor of blogging).

According to a study, 63% people tend to leave website/blog if it takes more than 4 seconds to load completely unless it doesn’t have any match.

GTMetrix is such an extraordinary online blogging tool which just not shows your website loading speed and but also shows you what exactly is making your site load slower.

Soon I’ll publish step by step guide to improve website speed

It’s best alternative is PageSpeed Insights

Even If You Don’t Use WordPress – Free Blogging Tools

It really doesn’t matter if you are not a WordPress user because there are a lot of alternative free tools for users that don’t use WordPress for their blogging.

22- Sucuri – Best Free Blogging Tool

Nothing is more important than keeping your site clear from unwanted malware.

There are numerous plugins for WordPress user to secure their website but if you are not a WordPress user Sucuri is here to make this job a lot easier for you.

Sucuri is one of the best blogging tools that I’ve used in a while…

You just need to put your website URL; it’ll examine and report you back with the safety status that is there any malware or infections on your site.


23- Compressor.io

It is smart practice to reduce images size you upload in the articles to make page load faster but you don’t want to lose images quality as. Again for this job WordPress users can just install one plugin and it’ll do the job for them automatically but if you are using Blogspot or any other blogging platform then Compressor.io is here to kill your pain.

Compressor.io is a really great blogging tool that lets you reduce image size without losing the quality.


24- Bit.ly – Free Link Shorter

Well, I don’t use this link shorter as I’m using ThirstyAffiliates Plugin which converts an ugly/long looking link in a professional link such as below is a link which will be shrinked by ThirstyAffiliates Plugin;


http://adcombo.com/?ref_id=4fdb7cc14bda749eadb4c802cc0c151a     (looking Ugly)


https://www.blogrankseo.com/recommends/adcombo-cpa-program/    (integrated with my domain)

Though Bit.ly doesn’t turn the ugly link into a professional link like ThirstyAffiliates does but still, it is the best URL shortener which allows you short & keeps track of total hits on your URLs.

It’s quite functional when you want to put your links in Twitter posts because of characters limit.

25- Trello Boards

Oh! There it is.

Trello is one of my favorite free blogging tools for content management. It has a really beautiful user interface and all the essential features.

I have written a full guide on it, check it you really want to improve your productivity.

There you and your team (if you have 😉 ) or someone you hired to do a job can report about work.

You can name and add unique color labels for every category. It makes so much easier to handle every category. Furthermore, you can share your boards with your writing, editing, marketing team to get work done as per criteria you set in.


Final Words Regarding Free Blogging Tools

These are blogging free tools that I have used and they have helped me a lot in the blogging race and increased my productivity.

I wish you all have an easy and successful blogging journey.

Bookmark this list of online blogging tools to use again and again. I’ll try my level best updating this list with new tools as I experienced them.

Make sure to bookmark this article to be updated.

Let me know in the comment box if I have missed any important tools and what tools are you using?

Don’t forget Sharing is a humble thing!

So, share this post and prove yourself a loyal member of Blogging so that bloggers can take advantage of it…

Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer SEO Consultant and Freelancer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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    1. Muhammad Tabish

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    I have been utilizing GTMetrix and Hootsuite steadily. And, I know the importance of blogging tools you have put together here can be really helpful for both newbies and experienced bloggers.
    It’s very essential to examine your website from time to time.
    Click to Tweet is new for me and I think can be really fun. Embedding the tweets box or anything in the posts that make readers encourage to share the post is always good.
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    A few great tools I would suggest to new bloggers are Google Trends, MailChimp, and PayPal.
    I’m a regular reader of your blog.

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    1. SY Abuzar

      I love to have you here!
      Your Question: is time important in blogging?
      Answer: Actually, time is always important in this world. And speaking of blogging it depends on whether you have time over money to give to the blogging so that you can write an article daily. Hiring someone is better to write an article daily (only if money isn’t an issue for you at all).
      Writing an article daily is what I recommend if you can without losing the quality of the content.
      Writing 2 or just 1 article a week is also considered very good.
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